IKEA Recall Increases: Millions More Child Lamps Recalled

IKEA recallOn April 29, 2014, IKEA publicized that it would be expanding its previous children’s lamp recall originally announced in December 2013. The IKEA recall now includes an estimated 3.5 million lamps in the U.S., 1.4 million lamps in Canada and more than 30.2 million products across the globe. According to the manufacturer, children may potentially become tangled in the lamp’s electrical cord and strangle themselves.

IKEA Recall Expanded

The IKEA recall includes 27 styles of night-lights and wall-mounted lamps for children, including:

  • MANE (moon)
  • STJARNA (star)
  • HJARTA (heart)
  • BLOMMA (white flower and pink flower)
  • SJOHAST (seahorse)
  • BAGGE (ladybug)
  • SNACKA (seashell)

According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, a 16-month-old child and a 15-month-old child, both in Europe, were in their cribs when they became entangled in the lamps’ electrical cords. One child died as a result of strangulation while the other was rescued in time. However, in both accidents, both children were able to reach the cords and pull them into their cribs. Consumers are urged to stop using the lamps involved in the IKEA recall and request a free repair kit from IKEA, which includes self-adhesive fasteners to attach the electrical cord to a nearby wall.

Dangerous products are the cause of thousands of injuries in the U.S. each year, and a product liability lawyer can help those affected to seek compensation from the manufacturers for releasing a defective or unreasonably hazardous product into the public market. Manufacturers have the legal responsibility to ensure that their products do not pose an unreasonable risk of injury or death to consumers. However, lamps with long cords that pose a risk of strangulation with no way to secure excess cords may be considered a defective device, and those injured may be entitled to recover damages.

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