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Januvia Lawsuit Attorneys – Lawsuits Filed

Januvia Lawsuits Being Filed Diabetes, the fifth leading cause of death by disease in the United States, affects more than 23 million in the country alone; roughly 90 […]

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Contact Smith and Nephew Hip Replacement Attorneys As Soon As Possible

Smith and Nephew Hip Replacement Attorneys   The Smith and Nephew R3 Acetabular System hip implant has complicated the lives thousands of individuals. Many patients were unaware that […]

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Wright Conserve Hip Replacement Attorneys Offer Free Consultations

Wright Conserve Hip Replacement Attorneys As bodies age, some people start to develop the types of hip problems that make it difficult to walk or stand. While hip […]

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Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys | Lipitor Causing Diabetes

Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys Representing Women that got Diabetes after taking Lipitor Studies of the drug Lipitor have shown that taking the statin medication may increase the patient’s risk […]

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Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement Attorneys Offering Legal Counsel to Patients

Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement attorneys are currently working on behalf of individuals who report serious health complications with the Zimmer Durom Cup; the device ceased being implanted […]

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Attorneys Advise On Biomet Hip Lawsuits

Biomet M2A Hip Implant Device Because of the high frequency of problems associated with this device, Biomet hip lawsuits are increasing in number every day. If you or […]

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Cancer Risk Involved in Recalled Metal on Metal Hip Replacement

Hip replacements help people get around when their own hip joints are damaged beyond repair by trauma, age, or illness. A complete hip replacement consists of a ball […]

Car Accident

Hidden Health Problems: Latent Car Accident Injuries

When you are in a car accident, you can sustain a number of different injuries. In fact, many injuries sustained as a result of a car accident may […]

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Courses of Action for Workers in On-the-job Accidents

Attorneys investigating the recent fatal workplace accident at Arkansas Nuclear One note how such accidents relate to our previous blog post “Arkansas On the Job and Workplace Accident […]

Have you waited too long to file a Hip Recall Claim?

Thousands of people have gotten metal on metal hip implants, many without knowing the associated risks.  Many brands of metal-on-metal hip implants are wearing more quickly that previously thought causing […]

Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Attorneys Advise On Seeking Compensation for the Victims of the Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Texas personal injury attorneys and industrial accident attorneys are evaluating the legal issues related to the recent fertilizer plant explosion that was devastating to the small Texas community […]

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Potential Effects of Metal on Metal Hip Replacements

Hip replacement surgery is very common in the United States. Up to 285,000 hip replacements are done each year. Usually, these surgeries are completely successful, returning patients to […]

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Life After A Semi Truck Accident

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that approximately 5,000 people are seriously injured or killed each year in accidents involving tractor-trailers or big rig trucks. One […]

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I Have A Recalled Hip Replacement. What Do I Do?

Hip replacement surgery has brought great relief over the years to those suffering with pain. However, as more surgeries have been performed problems have developed. Many of the […]

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Metal on Metal Hip Replacement

Technology has allowed people to overcome sickness and disease in startling ways, including replacing parts of the human body with mechanical duplicates that are meant to help them […]