Recent Target Recalls Raise Concern Over Burn Injury and Property Damage

recent Target recallsThe United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has the responsibility of protecting the public from unreasonable risk of injury and death caused by dangerous and defective consumer products. Some types of product injuries are burn injury, strangulation, drowning and poisoning. There have been two recent Target recalls for products that were exclusively sold through the national retailer and its website that have caused burn injury to customers and property damage. Detailed descriptions of the recent Target recalls are in the paragraphs that follow.

Chefmate 2-Quart Tea Kettles

One of the recent Target recalls is a Chefmate 2-Quart Tea Kettle. This is an aluminum kettle with an enamel finish. The kettle handle and spout are both made of black resin. The Chefmate company symbol is found on the bottom of the article. The product comes with several faults, including hot water spilling from the spout and steam moving up the handle exposing the customer to a possible burn injury. If water completely evaporates from the kettle, the aluminum base melts off onto the stove burner and creates a fire hazard. There have been reports of repeated incidents of hot handles from the steam that resulted in burn injury. In addition, the kettle has failed to whistle. This caused four customers to experience the water boiling until it completely evaporated and the aluminum bottom melted. You should stop using the recalled teakettles at once. Return them to any Target retail outlet or contact Wilton Industries and receive a full refund. A little over 700,000 were sold, exclusively through Target and Target online, in the United States.

White 2-Bulb Floor Lamp

Another of the recent Target recalls is the Threshold Floor Lamp, which stands about 60 inches high. This recall is for a white plastic, turned-spindle floor lamp with white fabric lampshade and dual 3-way pull-chain switches. The lamp requires two 3-way 100-watt or 29-watt CFL bulbs. The lamp is identified with a sticker reading PL1071 under the base of the lamp. The lamp can short when a one-way bulb is used in the lamp’s three-way socket. The short can pose a shock hazard to you. There is also a risk of property damage caused by fire. Six cases have been registered so far of fires caused by short-circuiting, and two of consumers being shocked. This product has been sold exclusively in Target and at from September 2012 through May 2013 with a selling price of around $70. It is recommended, if you have any incident with this product, or you see anything unusual about the lamp’s electrical behavior, to stop using the recalled lamp at once and unplug it. Return the defective lamp to any Target retail store for a full refund. Approximately 25,000 of the Threshold Floor Lamps were sold in the United States.

Have You Been Injured?

If you have suffered burn injury, fire or property damage caused by the products included in these recent Target recalls, an attorney will pursue compensation for you from the manufacturers, distributors or retailers of the dangerous product. There is no reason for you to accept this loss caused by no fault of your own. Attorney Group affiliated attorneys are knowledgeable of the laws concerning personal injury and can help with your case. If you have suffered burn injury or any other type of injury from these recent Target recalls or any other products, contact us and we can discuss compensation options that you can pursue, or any other questions you may have. So contact Attorney Group today for your free consultation.