Thousands of Patients Affected by Select Health Network Data Breach

Protected health information may have been compromised after hackers used an email phishing scheme to initiate a Select Health Network data breach. According to a report published in the HIPPA Journal, the Indiana-based hospital detected suspicious activity in the email accounts of some employees, and an investigation “revealed several email accounts were compromised between May 22, 2019 and June 13, 2019.”

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Report: Select Health Began Notifying Patients in November 2019

In early November 2019, Select Health Network began contacting affected individuals after the company reviewed the results of a third-party audit on October 1, 2019. While Select Health was able to identify those potentially affected, the company and the forensic experts hired to investigate the data breach were unable to determine the exact information that may have been accessed.

Information potentially exposed as a result of the phishing attack may include:

  • Patient first and last names
  • Addresses
  • Date of birth
  • Member ID numbers
  • Health insurance information, including policy number
  • Medical history
  • Treating/referring physician’s names
  • Treatment information, including cost of treatment
  • Medical record number

Some individuals may have had their Social Security number accessed as well.

According to a statement issued by Select Health Network, the company is unaware of any “misuse of personal information,” but is offering “complimentary access to 12 months of credit monitoring services to those individuals who may have had their Social Security number impacted by this event.”

Patients Affected by a Select Health Network Data Breach May Be Entitled to Compensation

Individuals affected by data breaches can possibly face serious problems. When consumer financial information is wrongfully accessed, victims are often required to pay fees for monitoring their credit to ensure their credit score isn’t negatively impacted from the violation. Likewise, those affected by a data breach could become a victim of identity fraud and may have to pay to receive a credit report to check on fraudulent charges.

Victims of data breaches may be entitled to receive compensation for any protected information that may have been compromised, and the responsible party may be liable for financial losses resulting from a data breach. Those affected by the Select Health Network data breach are encouraged to seek legal counsel from an attorney familiar with data breaches and other security incidents to get more information about their rights and remedies.

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