500 Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits Settled- Does it Affect California?

California- Transvaginal Mesh LawsuitTransvaginal Mesh Lawsuits Settled

The manufacturer of a feminine medical device known as transvaginal mesh (or TVM) has agreed to settle hundreds of lawsuits targeting its product. Future litigation is reportedly expected to deal with the estimated 60,000 related cases filed throughout the country. Some of these cases involve California patients.

The company C.R. Bard agreed to settle more than 500 lawsuits concerning its transvaginal mesh product, but still faces thousands more. These represent only a portion of a multidistrict litigation (MDL) process being pursued in a federal court in the Southern District of West Virginia. Several of these were filed by women in California, and at least two cases involving residents of California have been returned to that state, signaling that some transvaginal mesh lawsuits will be tried there.

Transvaginal mesh was designed to help women who experience difficulty such as urinary incontinence or prolonged organ prolapse. Such conditions often develop after a woman gives birth or, years or decades later during menopause. Implanted in a woman’s body, the mesh is designed to reinforce the organs and in the process to prevent urine leakage. However, the synthetic materials used in these devices may not be compatible with the natural tissue of the body, leading to urinary and sexual problems, infections and even bleeding. The tissue in which the mesh is placed can grow around the device, necessitating surgery and subjecting the woman to many risks. Some of those pursuing transvaginal mesh lawsuits claim that the devices have resulted in life-threatening health disorders.

Differing somewhat from a class action lawsuit, an MDL is designed to deal with a large volume of individual cases, increasing efficiency and helping to avoid conflicting rulings. The plaintiffs in the West Virginia MDL alleged that C.R. Bard designed a product that was defective. In a related matter, a judge in New Jersey refused to set aside a verdict of more than $11 million rendered against Ethicon, which is a subsidiary of the company Johnson & Johnson and which also manufactures the devices. Three other companies are also facing transvaginal mesh lawsuits.


Injured Due to Transvaginal Mesh?

Separate from the MDL action, three cases filed individually against manufacturers have been resolved, one of which led to an award of $2 million in damages. In Texas, a group of plaintiffs who refer to themselves as “pelvic mesh survivors” have asked their state’s attorney general to initiate a transvaginal mesh lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. Women in California who believe they have been injured by TVM, should consider contacting Attorney Group for California. We can help answer questions regarding a transvaginal mesh lawsuit, and connect injured parties with an affiliated California Attorney. If you believe you have been injured, contact us today for your free consultation.