Report Claims Goodyear Concealed Faulty Tire Dangers

A California tire blowout attorney can help people who have been injured, or the families of those killed, in tread separation or other accidents involving car tires. In one case, a judge has found that tire company Goodyear engaged in a pattern of deception and misconduct in a lawsuit involving an allegedly defective tire.  Affected consumers may be eligible to pursue claims with the help of a California product liability lawyer.

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Judge Claims Goodyear Engaged In A Pattern Of Deception And Misconduct

The 66-page report issued by a U. S. District Judge claims that Goodyear sold its G159 tires despite knowing they were dangerous and concealed its awareness of these issues during trial proceedings. According to The Arizona Republic, the report asserts that Goodyear continued marketing the G159 tires even after tests revealed that they were vulnerable to tread separation and blowouts at higher travel speeds.

The Judge deemed that Goodyear engaged in a “pattern and practice” of deception and perpetuated “serious discovery misconduct” in other cases she reviewed. The District Judge hit Goodyear and its lawyers with more than $2.7 million in sanctions for fraud upon the court.

Lawsuits: Goodyear Knew of Tire Defects

Plaintiffs in lawsuits throughout the United States also have accused Goodyear of various forms of misconduct during trials involving the defective tires. Some of the lawsuits claim that Goodyear knew that its tires could reach temperatures surpassing what they were designed to withstand at travel speeds of 75 mph. Still, when the national speed limit was abolished and 75-mph speed limits were enacted in many states, Goodyear allegedly continued selling the tires and that some of those tires could still be in use today, the website reported.

How A California Tire Blowout Attorney Can Help?

When companies sell harmful products to consumers without their knowledge, those companies may be liable for damages. If the product causes injury, affected consumers may be able to recover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Even if no injuries result from use of the product, a consumer may still be eligible to seek compensation for the purchase price of the product, as well as other costs related to the purchase.

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