California Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

California Window Blind Strangulation LawsuitWindow blind strangulation occurs more often with children than most people realize. Every year children in California and across the country are killed when they become entangled in window blinds in their home. Some deaths occur when children become tied up in the hanging cords. Others occur when children become caught in the cords between the slats in the blinds. Window blind strangulation lawsuits claim that these incidents were preventable if the manufacturer would have taken safety into consideration during the making of the product. That is why lawsuits are holding the manufacturers responsible for compensation for damages.

Dangers of Window Blind Cords

Many children can be strangled when they climb furniture and attempt to play with window blind cords. Low-hanging cord loops can also be a danger to children. Strangulation happens in seconds, and by the time most parents discover the child it is often too late.

Even children who don’t die can still suffer a lifetime of pain as a result of being caught in window blinds. These children often suffer a loss of oxygen to the brain and may need a lifetime of medical intervention. Others are confined to a wheelchair or are unable to enjoy normal cognitive function. Window blind strangulation lawsuits claim all of these are preventable if the manufacturers take basic safety into consideration in the making of the product.

The Basis of the Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

There has been an ongoing push to encourage manufacturers to do more to prevent children from dying after being caught in window blind cords. While there are warnings on packaging that identify them as a strangulation hazard, lawsuits as well as activist groups say there is more that can be done to prevent these deaths.

Advocacy groups in California have worked to eliminate window blind cords altogether, fighting for cordless blind systems that do not pose a hazard at all. The window blind strangulation lawsuit hopes to prevent these deaths by encouraging manufacturers to design window blinds that do not require the use of window blind cords. The technology already exists for window shades. It is simply a matter of devising the same type of technology for blinds.

Could You Be Eligible to File California Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit?

If your child has suffered injury or death due to a window blind cord, you may be able to seek compensation. Contact Attorney Group for California today to learn more about your options in your unique situation. We can discuss your case, help answer your questions, and connect you with an affiliated lawyer. Contact us to learn more.