Endo Int. Settles Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits for $830 Million

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Endo International recently agreed to pay $830 million to settle cases brought by women who claim to have suffered injuries as a result of having a transvaginal mesh (TVM) implant. Transvaginal mesh implants are indicated for women who suffer from weak pelvic muscles. Mesh implants were marketed as a medial device that would provide support to pelvic muscles. Women frequently suffer from lack of bladder control and urinary incontinence as a result of weakened pelvic muscles. Since its release onto the market, thousands of women have received transvaginal mesh implants.

Endo International is one of the leading manufacturers of transvaginal mesh. Prior to the settlement, the company faced over 20,000 claims from women who suffered from injuries allegedly as a result of using transvaginal mesh products. Even though the company has reached a settlement with many of these individuals, future claims may still be filed against the company by women who were unaware of the risks of transvaginal mesh. The company has publicly stated that it is including numerous conditions with the settlement and also states that the settlement is not an admission of liability. Endo International will be paying an average of $40,000 for each claim involved in the settlement, depending on the individual circumstances of each case.

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The FDA Safety Communication

In 2011, the FDA released a safety notice to warn the public about the complications associated with using transvaginal mesh. The FDA expressed “serious concern” about the complications associated with surgical mesh. From 2005 to 2008, the FDA received over 3,800 complaints from women who claimed to suffer from organ perforation, urinary issues and mesh erosion. Women have also claimed that they suffer from pain during sex as a result of using transvaginal mesh.

The FDA has also publicly stated that it may reclassify transvaginal mesh from a moderate-risk medical device to a high-risk medical device. If transvaginal mesh is reclassified as a high-risk medical device, it will require premarket approval.

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