California Zimmer Durom Cup Lawsuit


Patients may be able to file a Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit in California if they sustained injuries that were caused by this Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement device. The Zimmer Durom Cup was first introduced in 2006 but was recalled in early 2008 due to complications that may make the system more prone to early failure. Additionally, several physicians have reported a higher-than-anticipated number of issues with the hip replacement implant, which have led to devastating pain and the need for revision surgeries or procedures for many patients.

If you have been injured in California due to the Zimmer Durom Cup, you may be able to file a Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit against the manufacturer and recover damages for your injuries. Contact Attorney Group for California to learn more about your legal rights and determine whether you have a claim.

About the Zimmer Durom Cup

A prominent orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles reportedly informed other members of the medical community in April 2008 about the complications he was encountering with patients who had received the device. Patients were reportedly suffering from a higher-than-expected revision rate and complications resulting from the loosening of the components.

Although the manufacturer initially dismissed these reports, it eventually agreed to conduct an investigation in May 2008; Zimmer found that the design parameters and technology of the Durom Cup require a higher degree of precision than was common in most hip replacement surgical methods in the U.S. Zimmer also determined that additional training and instructions should be provided to physicians prior to an initial implantation procedure.

In July 2008, Zimmer made the decision to suspend all sales of the Durom Cup in the U.S., but a recall was not issued as the manufacturer had yet to uncover evidence of any design or manufacturing defect. According to reports, Zimmer intended to reintroduce the system after it developed instructions about the special surgical techniques that physicians needed to employ to avoid complications of the product.

More than 12,000 individuals received a Zimmer Durom Cup in an attempt to improve their quality of life and reduce the pain and symptoms associated with poor hip mobility. However, those who received the implant and experienced complications allege in a Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit that they suffered:

  • Loosening of the artificial hip implant
  • Unexplained hip pain more than three months following the initial procedure
  • Hip replacement or revision surgeries

Those filing a Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit also claim that the manufacturer failed to warn physicians and consumers of the potential risks of the product despite having knowledge about the complications and the potential for early device failure, the most common allegation in a Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit. According to court documents, Zimmer has set aside millions of dollars to compensate patients who are pursuing claims after they received the implants and later required revision procedures after experiencing complications.

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