California Negligent Security Lawyer

California negligent security lawyer

Unfortunately, thousands of people throughout the country become victims of assaults, rapes and other attacks each year. Although many of these incidents occur in the privacy of a home, the most common locations for these types of attacks include parking ramps, hotels, college campuses, parking lots and apartment complexes. While some attacks may be nearly impossible to prevent no matter how strict the safety measure in place, others could be thwarted by using adequate lighting, security staff, video cameras and other security methods.

What is Negligent Security?

Negligent security, also referred to as “premises liability,” is the term used to describe a situation in which a third party has both the moral and legal responsibility to ensure that the property which he or she owns is safe and free from dangers, to the best of his or her knowledge. The property owner must take every measure possible to ensure that the premises are safe and those shopping, working or passing through the property will not fall victim of a foreseeable and preventable crime.

However, if a rape, robbery, assault or other attack does occur on the property and it is proven to be a result of inadequate security measures or negligence on the part of the property owner in failing to implement such methods, the victim may have legal recourse; the property owner may be named as a defendant should the victim and his or her California negligent security lawyer decide to pursue a claim in California.

Statistics suggest that hotel guests, office building workers, students and mall shoppers are most likely to be hurt in an attack that happens as a result of insufficient security. Most property owners are aware that proper equipment, security and surveillance are necessary to prevent attacks from happening, yet according to most lawsuits, many do not place priority on keeping systems up-to-date, inspecting the security measures to ensure they are properly functioning or install any type of security method at all.

Those who have been victimized should consider seeking legal counsel from a California negligent security lawyer who can assist them throughout the legal process. Although some property owners may attempt to blame the perpetrator who caused the crime, the individual responsible for the safety of its patrons must also be held as responsible as the other criminals if they were negligent in handling their property security.

Do You Need a California negligent security lawyer?

Have you been hurt or lost a loved one due to an assault or attack in a public location and you feel that better security could have prevented the incident? Contact Attorney Group for California to learn more about your legal rights and to receive a free, no-obligation consultation. If we determine that you have a case, we can connect you with an affiliated California negligent security lawyer who can assist you in pursuing a claim and seeking to recover the compensation to which you may be entitled.