California Train Accident Lawyer

California Train Accident Lawyer

In 2013 in the U.S., 1,758 train accidents resulted in 11 fatalities and 297 injuries, according to the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis. Of these 1,700 incidents, 1,251 trains derailed and 161 involved collisions. Train accidents differ greatly from those caused by cars or motorcycles due to the massive size, weight and speed of the train itself. If you have been injured, seek legal counsel from a California train accident lawyer, as these cases are often complex and may involve more than one responsible party.

Train accidents can result in injuries or even death, depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. A single individual may be affected should he or she slip off a platform in front of an oncoming locomotive or every passenger on a train may be affected should the train derail or be involved in a collision of some kind. An experienced California train accident lawyer can represent a variety of victims including passengers, bystanders, drivers or passengers in nearby vehicles and railroad workers.

Several factors may result in train accidents, including objects protruding from the train, defective signals or gates, trains that fail to flash their lights or sound their horns when approaching crossings, trains parked too close to a crossing or crossings obstructed by plants, trees or other foreign objects.

Although railroad-crossing accidents are relatively common, derailments often result in the most damage and injury. These incidents are almost always caused by neglect on behalf of one or more individuals who are failing to follow safety regulations. Still, a train may derail due to faulty tracks, obstacles on tracks, faulty equipment or if the train is carrying too much cargo. If you have been injured, a California train accident lawyer can evaluate the accident, speak to witnesses, interview medical experts about injuries sustained, and a number of other procedures, in order to help determine who should be held responsible.

A California Train Accident Lawyer Can Help

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