California Whistleblower Lawyer

California Whistleblower Lawyer

Contact Attorney Group for California today if you believe you possess evidence that your employer or another entity is knowingly defrauding the U.S. government. These types of lawsuits, called qui tam lawsuits, can help hold the appropriate parties responsible for their actions, and several laws exist to protect whistleblowers against retaliation.

The False Claims Act prohibits employers from harassing or seeking revenge on whistleblowers who bring their allegedly fraudulent conduct to light. Employers who do become vindictive may be required to compensate the whistleblower for back pay, attorneys’ fees, and other costs associated with the filing of the lawsuit.

Research scientists, doctors and nurses, defense contractors, and others have recently been faced with qui tam lawsuits filed by whistleblowers. Fraudulent actions can include one or more of the following:

  • Overcharging the government.
  • Knowingly charging the government for goods and services that were never actually provided.
  • Attempting to receive money from the government by being dishonest or making false claims.
  • Attempting to get out of paying a valid debt that is owed to the government by making misleading or false statements.

As a way to encourage more whistleblowers to come forward in the future, Congress has recently altered the federal False Claims Act to reduce the number of obstacles necessary to file a qui tam lawsuit.

A California whistleblower lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf and assist you throughout the legal process. Sometimes, particularly in cases involving tax fraud, whistleblowers may be eligible to receive 15 to 30 percent of any recovery made. For more information, contact a California whistleblower lawyer today.

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Attorney Group for California is currently offering free, no-obligation consultations to those who believe they have information pertaining to fraud being committed against the U.S. government. If it is determined that you have a case, Attorney Group for California can connect you with an affiliated California whistleblower lawyer. Call today.