California Birth Injury Lawyer

CA birth injury Lawyer

An attending physician must carefully monitor both mother and baby during childbirth to prevent and handle hypoxia, fetal distress and other potentially dangerous complications. Brain damage, cerebral palsy, nerve damage and death may occur if a doctor is not careful. If you feel as though your child sustained serious injuries due to the negligence of your doctor or another party, consider seeking legal counsel from a California birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. Contact Attorney Group for California today for a free case evaluation.

Conditions that may make a birth more difficult include a small pelvis, large babies, prematurity, prolonged labor or an abnormal birthing presentation. However, a lack of oxygen is one of the most serious complications that can cause infant injury and may lead to cerebral palsy, a condition that may have a lifelong impact on the child and family as it may hinder body movement and muscle coordination. Other birth injuries include scalp swelling, facial paralysis, fractured bones, brain injury, hemorrhage and bruising.

An experienced California birth injury lawyer can help you understand the legal options you may have in your situation. A California birth injury lawyer also understands the different factors that can cause complications such as timing of the delivery, the position of the baby, the medical instruments used and the mother’s overall health.

It is important to seek legal counsel rather than pursue a claim on your own as medical malpractice or personal injury cases in California may be difficult to navigate without help from a lawyer. Not only can a California birth injury lawyer be able to procure evidence and documentation to support the injury itself, but he or she can also potentially demonstrate a long-term prognosis for your child’s future needs in education, medical and rehabilitative care, personal care and housing.

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Expectant parents trust that their physicians will make the best decision possible to ensure the health and safety of their newborns. However, in some cases, that trust is broken if an attending doctor is negligent and his or her actions result in infant injury. Contact Attorney Group for California if you feel as though irresponsibility or neglect caused your child to sustain a life-threatening injury. We can connect you with an affiliated California birth injury lawyer after we review your case. You may be eligible to seek compensation for your child’s injury or condition.