Florida Invokana Lawsuit

Florida Invokana Lawsuit

The diabetes drug Invokana has been linked in studies to a number of complications and health risks. Problems include ketoacidosis, a dangerous heightening of the blood’s acidity, as well as kidney failure and other conditions, some of which may be related to or complicated by the ketoacidosis. Invokana lawsuit attorneys allege that drug maker Johnson & Johnson had more information than they disclosed about the risks of the drug. Affected patients may be eligible to file a Florida Invokana lawsuit.

If you or a loved one took Invokana and suffered from severe side effects, including ketoacidosis or heart attack, contact Attorney Group for Florida to learn more about your options. We offer free, confidential, no obligation consultations in which we can help answer your questions. If you decide to pursue a claim for compensation, we can connect you with an affiliated Invokana lawyer in Florida or another state to assist you throughout the legal process.

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What is Invokana?

Invokana is a drug manufactured by Johnson & Johnson to treat diabetes symptoms. It is considered an SGLT2 inhibitor, along with several other drugs that are also used as alternative treatments. The SGLT2 inhibitor class is approved to treat adults with Type 2 diabetes, but it is not approved for use with patients who have Type 1. All of these kinds of drugs come with some risks of low blood sugar and other complications when they are combined with other forms of diabetes medication. Recently, studies have linked SGLT2 inhibitors to risks of ketoacidosis, a rare condition that involves increased blood acidity that can complicate into diabetic coma and other dangerous side effects.

How Does Invokana Work?

Like all the drugs in the SGLT2 inhibitor class, Invokana works by stimulating the kidneys to remove blood sugar through the urine, lowering overall sugar levels. Also like the other drugs in its class, Invokana’s effects and risks are related to other diabetes treatments that are administered with it. It is also important to know that this class of drugs works through a diuretic effect, and complications can arise if they are combined with other medications that magnify that effect. This means that common side effects like dehydration and nausea can occur in susceptible patients, and it also means increased risks for pancreatitis, low blood sugar, and other more serious problems.

Risk of Injury: Ketoacidosis

By blocking glucose reabsorption so that blood sugar is excreted, Invokana raises the burden of work on the kidneys and urinary system and alters its function. This can affect the way that the kidneys process other chemicals, nutrients, and toxins out of the bloodstream. Recent studies and an FDA safety disclosure have highlighted the links between this mechanism and a condition called ketoacidosis, which both poses serious risks and also has the chance to become complicated, increasing the severity of related issues.

Risks of Invokana Use

In summary, the risks associated with Invokana use include the following:

  • Ketoacidosis
  • Cardiovascular complications
  • Kidney damage or even failure
  • Pancreatitis

Affected patients are encouraged to seek the advice of a Florida Invokana lawyer to learn more about their options for filing a Florida Invokana lawsuit.

Other Invokana Side Effects

In addition to the serious complications that have been linked to Invokana, other side effects include increased hemoglobin and cholesterol levels, as well as increased potassium and magnesium in the blood. These side effects have the potential to aggravate other health conditions under some circumstances. There are also increased risks of urinary tract infection, low blood sugar, hives and stomach cramps, as well as transitory effects like dry mouth and nausea.

Invokana Lawsuit

Current lawsuits allege that the manufacturer failed to fully disclose the risks of ketoacidosis to patients. This is primarily because of an FDA safety disclosure about the SGLT2 inhibitor class, which brought to light new information about the links between these drugs and ketoacidosis. Attorney Group for Florida is currently seeking information from patients who have experienced this condition while taking Invokana for Type 2 diabetes. If the suit succeeds in proving that the manufacturer had a duty to more fully disclose the risk of ketoacidosis and related conditions during Invokana therapy, patients who were injured may receive compensation.

The time you have to pursue a claim is limited. Contact us for more information.Get Help Now.

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