7 Mistakes Made After a Car Wreck | Georgia Car Wreck Lawyer

Georgia car wreck lawyerAfter a car accident, many feel a mixture of emotions. However, it is important to remember a few key things if you have been involved in a car accident. Remembering these steps may help protect you if you decide to pursue compensation due to the accident being due to the fault or negligence of another. A Georgia car wreck lawyer may advise you to keep from making the following mistakes after your accident:

  1. Venting on social media platforms. While rare, some defendants may attempt to prove that you are not as hurt as you claimed or that you admitted to causing the accident. To do this, they may seek you out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other sites, so avoid discussing the accident at all until your Georgia car wreck lawyer says otherwise.
  2. Showing extreme or negative emotions. Many people can get angry or overly emotional after a car accident. It is important to stay calm, and let the police and any other authoritative figures involved do their job. Cooperate and show respect to all parties involved, including the police officers and the other driver.
  3. Turning down medical care. Your Georgia car wreck lawyer may suggest that you seek medical attention anyway, even if you don’t feel hurt. If you experience complications in the following days, weeks, or months, you have already begun a paper trail and have a physician’s report to back up your claims.
  4. Not telling your insurance provider. An insurance company cannot pay your claim if you don’t inform it of the accident. You may or may not be facing an increased premium, but your provider needs to know so that it can compensate you for your damages, if applicable.
  5. Failing to document the accident. You will need evidence of the accident, including the injuries, damages, position of the cars, and the area surrounding the accident. Take photographs of injuries and the vehicles and remember to ask witnesses for their contact information if you need to consult them at a later date.
  6. Not picking up your police report. You will need a police report to show as evidence if you decide to pursue a claim for compensation. This is one of the most important documents you will have, so it is important to remember to obtain a copy as soon as possible following the incident.
  7. Agreeing to a settlement. The other party’s insurance company may offer you a lower settlement than what may be appropriate for damages you’ve suffered, and if you agree to it, you will lose the right to seek compensation for your injuries in the future.

A Georgia Car Wreck Lawyer Can Help You

The Georgia Injury Attorney Group can help you if you were injured in a car accident that was caused by another’s negligence. It’s important to understand your options in your particular situation, and to seek the appropriate compensation. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and to be connected with an affiliated Georgia car wreck lawyer.