Alternatives to Transvaginal Mesh Surgery in Iowa

Seeking An Alternative To TVM

One of the many reasons women seek out an alternative treatment instead of going in for transvaginal mesh surgery is the chance for complication. Transvaginal mesh can reportedly cause a host of serious problems, particularly if the body decides to fight the material as it would combat any other intrusive entity. Transvaginal mesh can make a serious problem much worse with additional damage or severe pain for the woman if it becomes embedded in the internal tissue, as claimed in many lawsuits.

There are other options available to Iowa women instead of going under the knife for a transvaginal mesh surgery. POP can be addressed with an item called a pessary. The pessary is inserted into the vaginal cavity and expanded to provide support for the organs. Botox can also be used to alleviate inflammation in many women. Physical therapy in the form of exercises or electrical stimulation to cause muscular contractions can also help strengthen up the woman’s pelvic muscles. A minimally invasive Laparoscopic surgery can also provide better results than a transvaginal mesh surgery.

Though there have been advances in how TVM is used since the ProteGen Sling was pulled from the market, there are still a number of potential pitfalls for the woman who opts for a transvaginal mesh surgery. One of the most serious is in the attempt to remove the mesh if the body tries to reject it. The mesh will typically fuse with vaginal tissues. A fused mesh requires multiple, painful surgeries and recovery to properly remove.

Injured? Seek Help Today

Product liability suits against transvaginal mesh manufacturers have been condensed into MultiDistrict Litigation (MDL). There have already been some settlements with manufacturers. If you or a loved one have suffered injury due to TVM, seek help from Attorney Group for Iowa.

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