5 Things Iowa Patients Should Know About Side Effects of Statins

Iowa-Side Effects of StatinsIf you watch television or read any type of magazine or Iowa newspaper, you have most likely heard of Lipitor. Lipitor and similar medications, such as Crestor and Zocor, are classified as statin drugs. Statins work in the liver to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood. Individuals with high cholesterol have been taking statins for years when diet and exercise weren’t enough to lower LDL.

While advertising may lead you to believe statins are completely safe, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has recently issued consumer warnings regarding the side effects of statins, particularly links to Type 2 diabetes. Before taking a statin drug, do your research and consider these five reasons to give Lipitor and drugs like it a second thought.

  1. Statin drugs may worsen asthma symptoms. While there has been some research that shows statins may help asthma symptoms, a 2011 study found that patients with asthma that used statins exhibited more symptoms and had decreased lung function compared to asthma patients who didn’t take statin drugs. Patients with asthma could have an increased risk of side effects with their asthma and should consult with their doctor to get the proper level of both asthma medication and statins. Patients who have difficulty controlling their asthma may want to seek alternative methods for controlling cholesterol.
  2. The FDA has issued a warning that the use of statins can increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes. One of the side effects of statins is increasing blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels remain high, diabetes can result. Diabetic patients or those diagnosed as pre-diabetic should weigh the benefits of taking a statin. The FDA now recommends patients taking statins get their blood sugar checked regularly throughout the course of treatment.
  3. Muscle pain, weakness or damage has long been known as one of the side effects of statins and occurs in approximately 10% of patients using statins. The higher the dose of statins, the more likely you will experience muscle pain. Resting does not provide relief. If not immediately addressed, this side effect of statins causes muscle tissue can break down, resulting in kidney damage.
  4. Initially the FDA required all physicians to perform regular liver function tests on patients taking statins, as liver damage is one of the serious side effects of statins. They now recommend testing only prior to and immediately after beginning a statin regime. This risk is elevated when other drugs are taken with statins. There is no way to predict who will develop liver problems and there are no symptoms indicating an increase in liver enzymes.
  5. The increase of Lipitor lawsuits, particularly those involving women who have developed Type 2 diabetes, should be considered prior to taking a statin drug. Thousands of lawsuits across the US claim that Lipitor caused Type 2 diabetes, among other conditions. Given the increase in lawsuits and other serious side effects of statins, Lipitor and other statin drugs like it may not be the safest means for controlling LDL cholesterol. Before taking statins, have a thorough discussion with your doctor about any conflicting medications or preexisting conditions that may put you at a high risk when taking Lipitor.

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