Iowa Trucking Accidents: Common Types of Negligence

There can be many causes for accidents involving tractor-trailers. When a person is injured due to the negligence of a truck driver or the trucking company, that person may file a trucking accident lawsuit and seek compensation for injuries. Negligence can come in many forms, from failing to follow safety regulations to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol to distracted driving while texting or making a call. For those who have been injured or who have lost a loved one due to negligence of a driver or company in an Iowa trucking accident, lawsuits may be necessary to compensate for pain and suffering, to recover lost wages, or to recover damages relating to the loss of a loved one.

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Negligence Alleged In Iowa
Trucking Accidents

Iowa Trucking Accident

An Iowa trucking accident lawsuit was filed in a collision that occurred in Iowa when a truck driver allegedly failed to change lanes, struck a vehicle and pushed it into a tow truck. Two men from Iowa, one from Illinois and one from Indiana were killed in the crash. The families of those who died in the accident filed trucking accident lawsuits against both the truck driver and the trucking company for alleged negligence, as they believed the driver of the semi-truck failed to pull over for emergency vehicles as required under Iowa law.

In addition to negligence on the part of truck drivers, the companies they drive for may be negligent as well. Truck accident lawsuits have been filed after drivers were pressured into driving for too many hours to meet unreasonable deadlines set by the trucking company. Maintenance schedules may be ignored in order for the company to keep costs down, and they may avoid fixing minor problems on trucks such as reflectors, taillights or blinkers, leading to catastrophic accidents. Some companies may have hired employees who have safety issues in their past or who may have had a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, 73 percent of those killed in accidents involving large trucks were occupants of vehicles other than the trucks, while ten percent were pedestrians, cyclists, or others on the highways. In 2012, 3,921 people died and 104,000 were injured in accidents involving large trucks. Of those who are injured or killed in trucking accidents, many are primary wage earners in their households, and their injuries often result in financial difficulty for loved ones. For many of them, a trucking accident lawsuit may be necessary.

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