Iowa Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

 Iowa Window Blind Strangulation LawsuitDo You Have an Iowa Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit?

For many years, the cord lifts and inner cords used in window blinds and similar window coverings have been the basis of controversy in regards to the health and safety of children in Iowa and throughout the nation. In some cases, window blind strangulation lawsuits have been filed in the aftermath of injuries or loss of life.

An incident in the Cedar Falls area illustrates the potential hazards posed by unsafe window blinds and related window coverings. On May 16, 2010, a 22-month-old toddler was involved in a near-strangulation incident. He was initially discovered with a window blind cord wrapped around his neck. The toddler was subsequently transported to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Iowa City and treated in the pediatric intensive care unit during the days that followed.

Both the American Medical Association and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission have conducted research into hundreds of window blind accidents over the course of recent decades. Ultimately, millions of window blinds, Roman shades and similar coverings have been recalled, and retrofit kits have been created to make certain existing blinds safer. With an estimated one billion or more window blinds and various other corded window coverings in use across the country, dangers still remain in many households. In fact, it is estimated that such window coverings are in use in over 17 million U.S. residences that include children six years of age and younger.

Some blinds have exposed cords that are employed to hold the slats in position, and it has been possible for some young children to get caught in these cords. In other instances, children have been able to get their heads through the looped cords commonly used to raise and to lower the blinds. Some of these accidents have occurred right in children’s’ cribs where window blinds and/or cords extended into what is normally a safe haven for young children. In some tragic situations, strangulations have resulted.

When an injury or death results, a window blind strangulation lawsuit may be filed in some instances. A window blind strangulation lawsuit ordinarily seeks redress in a civil court with proper jurisdiction and seeks compensation for various losses that may have been incurred, like medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability and loss of companionship.

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