Traumatic Brain Injury News in Iowa

Traumatic Brain Injury- IowaThe brain is an important and delicate organ that regulates many functions in the body. Although you would expect that perforations of the skull or cracking of the skull might produce problems with brain function, scientific research indicates that minor traumatic brain injuries can also have serious and long-lasting effects on thinking, behavior and mood. Motorcycle accidents on Iowa roads or bicycle injuries can often produce these traumatic brain injuries without the individual being aware of it.

What Is Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, occurs when the brain tissue that is suspended in fluid is struck against the interior of the skull. This action can result from a blow to the head or sudden motion that causes movement of the tissue within the brain case. A traumatic brain injury can result even when there is no obvious external wound. However, the movement can result in nerve and tissue damage that causes problems in cognition, memory, speech, gait or mood.

A Question of Degree

Experts believe that up to 90 percent of traumatic brain injuries are mild to moderate in nature. This figure indicates that many people may have sustained an injury without realizing it. It is only with sophisticated equipment, such as diffusion tension imaging, a type of MRI, that can detect problems in tissue that can indicate mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. These tests can show damage to the white matter in the brain that indicates problems in the “wiring” of the brain networking. These changes can be associated with language and memory problems.

TBI and Football Injuries

Recent news stories have put the problem of traumatic brain injury as a result of football injuries in public eye in Iowa. In these cases, the injuries result from repeated blows to the head or sudden jolting movements that are intrinsic to playing the game. However, scientific evidence indicates that these repeated blows could be linked to long-term damage to the brain, such as memory problems, emotional disturbances and even to early Alzheimer’s disease.

TBI and Soccer Injuries

Similarly, other Iowa sports activities that involve frequent blows to the head such as rugby, soccer, ice hockey and others can put the athlete at risk for traumatic brain injury. Although the damage may not be apparent immediately, the individual may suffer from depression, changes in personality and dementia in later years.

TBI and Minor Accidents

Even minor accidents that people are inclined to dismiss can produce traumatic brain injury. Accidents on Iowa roads or bike injuries are often the cause of mild to moderate TMI. A Newcastle University study found that subjects who suffered traumatic brain injury from minor accidents scored 25 percent lower on skill tests because of nerve disruption. Memory problems, fuzzy thinking, irritability and headaches were common in these subjects. Although many of these small brain disruptions repair themselves over time, there is no way to ensure that this will occur.

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