Iowa Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Iowa Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

According to court documents, DePuy Orthopaedics has been named in more than 3,000 lawsuits filed on behalf of plaintiffs who claim that the Pinnacle hip replacement device caused them to suffer from injuries such as tissue damage, dislocation, metallosis, fracture, metal sensitivity, difficulty walking, infections, and pain. Additionally, plaintiffs claim that the DePuy Pinnacle device is similar to DePuy’s ASR replacement device that was recalled due to a higher-than-anticipated failure rate in 2010.

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Pinnacle Overview

More than 150,000 individuals in the U.S. have been fitted with the DePuy Pinnacle implant, and many are suffering from adverse side effects. According to reports, even normal, everyday activities such as bending and walking can cause the two metal components of the implant to rub together, causing shards of cobalt and chromium to be deposited into the patient’s blood. As a result, recipients may suffer from elevated metal ion levels that can potentially cause headaches, dizziness, cobalt poisoning, and nervous system damage.

You may be entitled to file an Iowa DePuy hip replacement lawsuit if you suffered from several additional complications, including:

Clicking noises from the joint
Revision procedures
Decreased range of motion
Serious discomfort and pain
Implant failure
Trouble walking

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reportedly received at least 1,265 adverse event reports filed on behalf of Pinnacle recipients in 2011, 450 of which involved the metal-on-metal version. This number is a drastic increase from the 556 reports that were submitted to the agency in 2010, suggesting that the number of potential plaintiffs may continue to rise.

Plaintiffs File Lawsuits

In March 2013, a Pennsylvania man filed a lawsuit against DePuy and Johnson & Johnson. He alleged that the manufacturers knew of the possible dangers of the implant, including the chance that it could cause metal poisoning, yet failed to adequately warn the medical and public communities of this risk.

Additionally, plaintiffs have allegedly suffered from inflammation, severe pain, and early device failure. According to several Pinnacle recipients who were required to undergo revision procedures, they were informed that there was no guarantee that they would regain full mobility. In some cases, patients may be confined to a wheelchair due to the damage allegedly caused by the Pinnacle implant.

If you have received the Pinnacle device and you suffered from hip implant loosening, difficulty walking, early device failure, or permanent damage, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your injuries by filing an Iowa DePuy hip replacement lawsuit. Complications can result in physical pain and costly medical bills for recipients, so it is important to determine whether you are eligible to file an Iowa DePuy hip replacement lawsuit. By filing, you can attempt to recover the financial compensation necessary to pay for these unexpected expenses.

Do You Have an Iowa Hip Replacement Lawsuit?

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