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Most legal matters can be complex and confusing, so if you believe you have a personal injury lawsuit, it is important to understand the basics behind the civil litigation process. Civil litigation is a term that references any disagreement or dispute between two parties in which one has been injured and accuses the other of a negligent act that caused the injury.

If you have been injured and you believe that your condition was caused by the irresponsibility or negligence of another party, you may wish to seek legal counsel from an Iowa civil litigation attorney to learn more about your options. If you and your representation can show that the defendant caused your injury, you may be entitled to seek compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

The seven stages of civil litigation include investigation, pleadings, discovery, a pre-trial phase, the actual trial, a settlement verdict, and a possible appeal. However, it is important to note that note every lawsuit passes through each of these phases. In some cases, the parties are able to reach an agreement outside of court. Since the length of the legal process will depend on the injuries and allegations, a lawsuit may last weeks, months, or even years.

Consider working with an Iowa civil litigation attorney if you were wronged or injured by another party. While some civil disputes can be dealt with and settled outside of a courtroom, this may not always be possible. In such an instance, an Iowa civil litigation attorney will be needed to guide you through the complex proceedings necessary to get you the compensation to which you may be entitled.

While some may believe that an Iowa civil litigation attorney is not necessary, a lawyer can often help the plaintiff’s chances of recovering damages for his or her injuries. Some insurance providers may attempt to provide a low-ball offer to reduce their payouts, but an Iowa civil litigation attorney can work to see that you are treated fairly and justly.

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