Iowa Product Liability Attorney

Iowa Product Liability Attorney
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Manufacturers are obligated to ensure that the products they design, produce, and manufacturer are reasonably safe to use and free of any known defects when used as directed. Should the product cause severe or life-threatening injuries or harm, the manufacturer is then required to publish these risks on the package or the product’s warning label to inform consumers. If the manufacturer fails to follow through and warn the public of potential complications or if a product causes injuries or death, the manufacturer may be held responsible and be required to pay the victims compensation for their sufferings.

An Iowa product liability attorney may be able to determine that more than one party is liable for the allegedly defective product such as the supplier, the manufacturer, the retailer, or the designer. It is important to note that any product a consumer can purchase could potentially be defective, including:

  • Cribs, high chairs, or child and infant safety seats
  • Vehicles, boats, airplanes, or trains
  • Drugs, medications, or medical devices
  • Appliances or lights

Unfortunately, many of the fatalities that occur due to defective products most likely would have been avoided if the products were better designed or if the manufacturer had notified the public of the possible hazards associated with its products. Those who have been injured may be entitled to work an Iowa product liability attorney to pursue a claim against those responsible.

Additionally, if you lost a loved one due to a fire, electrical shock, strangulation, or other injury from a product you believed was safe, an Iowa product liability attorney may be able to help you file a wrongful death lawsuit on his or her behalf. In order to pursue a claim for your injury or the death of a family member, you and your Iowa product liability attorney will need to provide evidence that the product was hazardous when the manufacturer placed it for sale and that consumers were unaware of any dangers, side effects, or risks that were associated with the product before use.

Once a manufacturer is informed of a possible hazard, it has the responsibility to work with the product’s engineers in order to redesign the product or issue replacement parts to reduce the likelihood of severe injuries, complications, or fatalities.

Do You Need an Iowa Product Liability Attorney?

If you or someone you love was injured due to a product that you believe may have been defective, you may be entitled to work with an Iowa product liability attorney. Attorney Group for Iowa can help to answer your questions and provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to determine whether you have a claim. If you do, we can connect you with an affiliated Iowa product liability attorney who can assist you in seeking the compensation to which you may be entitled. Call today.