Iowa Dog Bite Attorney

Iowa Dog Bite Attorney
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Whether or not an animal is predisposed to attacks or biting, the risk of sustaining an injury from a dog or other pet is always a reality. This is particularly true if the dog is cornered, feels threatened, or is otherwise antagonized. While millions of people are bit by dogs in the U.S. each year, many of these injuries are not reported to authorities because most people do not know that they can seek compensation for any medical treatments, medications, or doctor’s visits that result from such an attack.

According to statistics, only 15,000 dog bite victims receive compensation for their bites each year, but there are more than 4.7 million recorded dog bites annually in the U.S. Depending on the severity of the dog bite, you may wish to seek compensation for the injury, so it is important to contact an Iowa dog bite attorney today if you were bit. An Iowa dog bite attorney may advise you to document the incident while your memory is fresh, and he or she may direct you to obtain the contact information from the dog’s owner and any witnesses who may have been nearby at the time of the injury.

Dog bite can sometimes cost as much as $18,000 in medical expenses and treatments, and this figure can increase if the victim is admitted to a hospital or requires long-term care and rehabilitation after a particularly severe injury. These costly and unexpected medical costs can become stressful and financially devastating to those who are not prepared to handle such unanticipated bills.

For this reason, it is important to consult with an Iowa dog bite attorney who can help you to pursue a claim and seek compensation for the injury. Although the dog owner’s insurance company or your own health insurance company may provide compensation, it is often the case that you will be offered a low settlement that will prevent you from obtaining monetary damages in the future even if the condition worsens over time.

Do You Need Legal Counsel from an Iowa Dog Bite Attorney?

If you or someone you love has sustained a dog bite or been injured in a canine attack, consider working with an Iowa dog bite attorney to pursue a claim for compensation. Pursuing a claim for damages can help better your chances of receiving the money necessary to cover any medical treatments or expenses, both present and future, that may arise as a result of the injury. Contact Attorney Group for Iowa today for a free case evaluation and to be connected with an affiliated Iowa dog bite attorney if you determine that you are eligible to file a lawsuit.