Updated Actos Risks Affect Texas Diabetes Patients

Actos Risks- TexasThe Attorney Group for Texas provides free case evaluations to Actos patients who used the medication to control their type 2 diabetes and later developed bladder cancer, potentially as a result of the medication. Contact us today to learn more about your options if you believe that you have a claim.

What is Actos? What Are Actos Risks?

Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly first introduced Actos in 1999. Following the product’s approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many type 2 diabetes patients sought prescriptions for the drug as it was intended to help their bodies stimulate the production of insulin and thus provide a way to better control their diabetes. However, shortly after Actos’ approval, patients began to experience severe complications, including congestive heart failure, eye injuries, heart attacks, and bladder cancer, and many individuals began to pursue claims for compensation, as they believe this was due to taking Actos.

Is Actos Safe?

Following an increasing number of adverse event reports linking bladder cancer to Actos, the FDA announced it wanted an update to the warning label on the product to include the disease. According to the agency, it had reviewed data from a study in which researchers found that Actos patients were more likely to develop the condition if they used the medication for more than one year.

Physicians are urged to use caution when considering a prescription for type 2 diabetes patients that have a family history of cancer or that are currently living with the disease. The FDA also stated that the patient Medication Guide should be revised to include information about the alleged Actos risks.

Plaintiffs Allege Bladder Cancer, Negligence

While an early Actos bellwether trial was resolved in June 2014 with a verdict against the manufacturer of $9 billion in compensatory and punitive damages, patients are still pursuing claims against Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly after having developed bladder cancer allegedly due to Actos. In June 2014, Blue Cross Blue Shield accused the companies of failing to warn of Actos risks, which led the insurance company to pay for its policyholders’ medical expenses. According to the lawsuit, this cost Blue Cross Blue Shield money that it should not have needed to spend had the manufacturers been forthcoming about the Actos risks. That same month, a federal Louisiana judge also found that the drug makers destroyed evidence related to Actos risks.

Do You Have a Lawsuit in Texas? We Can Help You to Pursue a Claim

The Attorney Group for Texas provides free case evaluations to Actos patients in Texas who took the medication for type 2 diabetes and later developed complications such as bladder cancer. We can help answer your questions, address your concerns about the Actos risks, and connect you with one of our affiliated attorneys who can help you seek the compensation to which you may be entitled. You could be eligible to recover damages for medical bills, suffering, pain, and lost wages. Contact us today.