Texas Brain Injury Lawyers Discuss Former Cowboys Player Living with Brain Injuries

Cowboys Player-Texas Brain Injury LawyerIt is not uncommon for sports-related brain injuries to be under-reported by the press. This type of injury can be invisible to the public but have devastating consequences in the victim’s personal life. A Texas brain injury lawyer can work to ensure the problem isn’t forgotten and swept out of sight. Problems often start out small with symptoms like blurry vision, headaches, and nausea. As time passes and aggravations from further injury are added, those symptoms can signify something much worse. One individual who is very familiar with this is former Dallas Cowboy running back Tony Dorsett.

After 12 years in the NFL and countless blows to the head, it is believed Dorsett developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a neurodegenerative disorder that is believed to be behind Dorsett’s reported depression, uncontrollable emotions, memory problems, and suicidal thoughts. Sports-related brain injuries like CTE can fester invisibly until the victim’s symptoms are blatant enough to warrant deeper investigation- if it is not too late. For former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson, confirmed to have CTE, it was unfortunately too late. Duerson committed suicide in 2011, reportedly as a result of mental illness allegedly brought on by sports-related brain injuries.

Mr. Duerson’s story is an example of the importance of involving a Texas brain injury lawyer in the event of an accident or trauma. Not everyone has access to the same kind of resources that Duerson did. Consultation with a Texas brain injury lawyer can often be the only way to tell if there is an actionable case to pursue damages, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Damage like concussions and CTE are not limited to sports-related brain injuries. Military personnel, car accident victims, and both construction and industrial workers can suffer serious brain injuries. People that find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance may benefit from a consultation with a Texas brain injury lawyer. The sufferer needs confidence that their rights are protected whether they are sports-related brain injuries or related to an on the job accident.

How serious is the issue? A settlement of $765 million was recently reached between the National Football League (NFL) and 4,500 players for sports-related brain injuries. Plaintiffs alleged that the NFL failed to appropriately protect them by insisting they play after receiving significant blows to the head. Legal representation, such as that which can be supplied by a Texas brain injury lawyer, was ultimately the best way to ensure the rights of the plaintiffs were protected as they sought compensation for the debilitating effects of their sports-related brain injuries.

It’s not just the NFL. Athletes in sports such as rugby, hockey, soccer, and boxing all report brain injuries as the result of contact to the head. Any circumstance that is high impact has the potential to cause a life changing brain injury.

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