Texas Lipitor Lawyer Discusses Lipitor Lawsuits

Texas Lipitor LawyerSince first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December of 1996, Lipitor has been a highly-discussed drug in both positive and negative ways. Besides grossing $130 billion to become one of the best-selling pharmaceutical products to date, Lipitor is one of the world’s most prescribed drugs.

Despite these numbers, recently published research shows a correlation between first-onset diabetes and Lipitor use. Findings from a University of Massachusetts study published in 2012 revealed that postmenopausal women taking statin drugs like Lipitor have a 50 percent higher risk of developing Type II diabetes than peers who do not take such medication.  A pair of Canadian researchers reported more recent findings in 2014 from empirical data analyses compiled from more than 140,000 patients over age 40 who had taken statin drugs in varying dosage levels for 3 to 17 years.  They identified a pattern of negative effects directly proportional to milligrams per dose.

Many plaintiffs involved in Lipitor lawsuits are claiming due to these studies and others as early as the late 1990’s, Pfizer knew about the risks involved with Lipitor, but did not disclose those risks to consumers, thereby exposing patients to risks without their knowledge.

Judicial Panel Mandates Consolidation of Pending Lipitor Litigation

Last January, the U.S. Judicial Panel of Multidistrict Litigation published an official report that disclosed more than 700 Lipitor lawsuits pending in federal courts at that time.  As the tally grew to 846 new cases in less than 30 days, the Panel issued an order to consolidate all claims into multi district litigation (MDL) in South Carolina.

Since the new U.S. District Court for South Carolina MDL was established, Lipitor lawsuits have increased exponentially.  This phenomenal growth is shown largely by the addition of over 3,000 cases to the Lipitor MDL docket.

A Texas Lipitor Lawyer Can Help You

If you or a loved one was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes or another serious medical condition after taking Lipitor, you could have a claim. Contact Attorney Group for Texas to learn more about your legal options. If you decide to pursue a claim, we can also connect you with an experienced Texas Lipitor lawyer who can assist you in filing a lawsuit. Contact us today for your free consultation.