Young Woman Killed in Texas Propane Explosion

Texas Propane ExplosionPropane Explosion in Texas

A young woman and her infant child were in their Victoria, Texas home when an explosion rocked the area. The blast took the life of the young mother but the baby survived, spending a day in a hospital for care. A dozen other houses were damaged in the explosion. Though the cause of the Texas blast is still under investigation, it has all of the characteristics one would expect to find with a propane explosion.

Texas propane explosions are not that uncommon. The state has averaged 50-70 incidents involving propane every year since 2006. The number of explosions ranges from 5 to 17. Fatalities have ranged from 2 to 11 in that time span. These explosions typically stem from propane tanks used to heat homes. Negligence can be a major contributor to unsafe conditions that could lead to a propane explosion.

One step that homeowners with propane tanks can take is to wait until the tank is completely empty before ordering a refill. If the tank is empty, companies are required to test line pressure for the lines that connect the tank to the house and the house lines to various appliances. A connection of a gauge to the line for a set of number of minutes with no change in pressure indicates a safe line. If the gauge registers a drop, there is a leak somewhere.

These major propane explosions are often the result of several extraordinary circumstances coming together. An explosion of that size typically requires a fairly serious leak. Though propane is a naturally odorless gas, the rotten egg smell associated with it is added at the refinery to make detection easier. The chemical that causes the rotten egg smell does break down after awhile. An odorless propane leak can pool with air in an area, like a crawlspace, with greater ease as a result. That increases the potential for an explosion and fatalities.

Galvanized pipe usually performs well in the long-term for preventing any such leaks or accidents from occurring.

Do I Need To Consult With An Attorney?

It is worthwhile to consult with Attorney Group for Texas if you or a loved one has been harmed due to a propane explosion. Negligence by one of the maintaining companies or a product defect in the line may have played a significant role in creating the circumstances for an explosion to occur. That creates the grounds for a possible case to pursue compensation for associated injuries or fatalities.

If you suspect negligence after a propane explosion, contact Attorney Group for Texas. We can provide a free consultation, help answer your questions, and connect you with an affiliated attorney who can help you with the legal process.