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Worried Man | Virginia Abilify Lawyer

Lawsuit: Abilify Linked to Increased Risk of Compulsive Gambling

A Virginia Abilify lawyer notes a lawsuit alleging that the makers of Abilify did not warn patients about the risk of compulsive gambling or other compulsive behaviors associated […]

Car Crash | Virginia Car Crash Lawyer

Report: Man Faces 16 Years in Prison for Role in Deadly Car Crash

A Virginia car crash lawyer notes that a young man faces more than 15 years in prison after allegedly blowing a stop sign and tumbling down an embankment, […]

Hoverboard | Virginia Burn Injury Lawyer

Recalled Hoverboards Reportedly Led to Multiple Burn Injuries

A Virginia burn injury lawyer notes that multiple hoverboard producers and retailers have recalled more than half a million of these products due to the risk of fires […]

Drinking Glass | Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

Driver Reportedly Under the Influence in Fatal Crash

A Virginia car accident lawyer notes that alcohol may have been a factor in fatal car accident in Norfolk. Law enforcement authorities in Virginia are reportedly pressing charges […]

Man in discomfort | Virginia Nexium Lawyer

Research Yields New Insights into Risks Linked to Nexium

A Virginia Nexium lawyer notes a study that suggests the heartburn medication and other PPIs may cause premature damage and aging to blood vessel cells when used in […]

Surgery Team | Virginia Bair Hugger Lawyer

Lawsuit: Bair Hugger Infection Led to Man’s Death

A Virginia Bair Hugger lawyer notes a lawsuit alleging a medical device maker acted negligently in their design and marketing of their warming blanket. The suit claims that […]