According to a class action complaint filed in March 2018, Toyota Motor Corp; Toyota Motor North America; and Toyota Motor Sales, USA allegedly “designed, manufactured, distributed, marketed, sold and warranted” fourth generation 2016-17 model year Toyota Prius vehicles which may contain “one or more manufacturing and/or design defects” that could potentially lead to an unexpected crack in the vehicles’ windshields.

Potentially defective windshields could present a substantial safety risk and could lead to an increased risk of catastrophic injury in the event of a car accident, particularly if the windshield already has a chip or crack in it. The automobile manufacturers allegedly hid behind a provision excluding damage caused by road debris and forced owners and lessees to pay out of pocket to replace their windshields.

How a Prius Windshield Class Action Lawsuit Can Help

According to the class action complaint filed in March 2018, the actions of the defendants could constitute fraud and misrepresentation, breach of warranty, breach of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, as well as violations of various state and local consumer protection laws, including those in California, Washington and Rhode Island.

Compensation may be sought for:

  • Costs incurred by vehicle owners, including loss of value, attributable to any wrongful conduct
  • Refund of the purchase price paid for affected windshields
  • Damages related to violations of consumer protection acts
  • Attorneys’ fees

Affected individuals who have owned or leased fourth generation 2016-017 Toyota Prius vehicle models may be eligible to pursue damages through a class action lawsuit and are encouraged to seek the advice of an experienced product liability attorney to learn more about their rights and remedies.

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