About Us

Our purpose is rooted in these moments

Attorney Group was formed with the purpose of raising awareness for, and advancing the cause of, injured Americans through tireless advocacy and a network of associated attorneys and law firms.

Cope or Hope?

We know the stark difference between cope and hope. It’s the difference between life as it is and life as it should be. It’s the gulf between persistent injustice and lessons learned. Too many victims choose cope, and it’s our job to change that.

When we live up to our highest purpose by delivering on our mission injured Americans everywhere will agree…to do nothing is simply not an option.

We choose hope.

What We Do

It’s clear what’s facing injured people; too little honesty, too little information and too little appreciation for the severity of what happened. Attorney Group connects injured Americans to the information, resources and community to share their story and seek justice.

Our founder, Anthony Johnson turns our advocacy work into action through the Johnson Firm.

Their legal reach includes a nationwide network of associated attorneys and law firms that have extensive experience in these cases. The flexibility and industry knowledge to match the right victims to the right lawyers could be the determining factor in maximizing compensation recovered.

Don’t just cope. There is always a choice. Join the movement. Share your story or to speak with an attorney absolutely free.

How We Can Help You

Learn the Basics

We curate and explain the most current information in our industry. The goal is to equip victims with digestible content to research in their moment of decision.

Share Your Story

Injustice can feel lonely. Core to our mission is to connect the injured American community to share their story. These powerful narratives will turn cope to hope.

Build Your Team

We know the industry. We know the players. We pride ourselves on leveraging that knowledge to match victims with an experienced legal team to fight for justice and maximum compensation.

When cope is not enough, there is a better choice.

Choose Hope