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What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury applies to injuries or damages to the body, mind, or emotional state of a person or persons as opposed to injury or damage to property. Personal injury law seeks to provide compensation for persons who have been harmed or injured by another person’s actions. Compensation (usually money) for injuries is not limited to physical harm and may include emotional, economic, or reputational damages as well as violations of privacy, property, or constitutional rights.

Most personal injury cases are based on the concept of negligence, the failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury. When a person or company is negligent and causes harm to another, personal injury law attempts to ensure that the party responsible for the injury pays compensation for damages. Compensation for injuries is not limited to physical harm and may include emotional, economic, or reputational injuries as well as violations of privacy, property, or constitutional rights.

Personal Injury Lawyers

When an individual has been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence of another person, company or party, personal injury lawyers can assist them by providing legal representation. Personal injury lawyers will be able to assist victims by interviewing witnesses, recreating the scene, requesting medical expert testimony, obtaining police documentation, communicating with other lawyers and insurance companies, and negotiating on the behalf of victims.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

When negligence results in injury, an injured party suffers loss in various ways. The law allows an injured party to pursue damages to recover those losses. Common types of damages recoverable in a personal injury case include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of ability to earn
  • Scarring and disfigurement

The families of those who have died may be eligible to recover money for funeral expenses and the pain that comes with losing a loved one.

If the actions causing injury are malicious or so reckless that intent to harm can be inferred, the responsible party can be liable for punitive damages to punish wrongful conduct and deter similar conduct in the future.

Victims of negligence and their families are encouraged to seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney to learn more about their rights and remedies.

Common Personal Injury Claims

Electrocution Accident Lawyer

Electrocutions can occur as a result of an accident in the home or workplace. If an individual is electrocuted due to the negligence of another, that party may be able to recover compensation.

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Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

If an employee feels that they are not receiving overtime pay for hours worked beyond a normal workweek, an unpaid wages attorney can help them to recover the overtime compensation he or she deserves.

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Wrongful Death Lawyer

While there is no amount of compensation that can ease the grief of losing a relative, child or significant other, the law allows surviving family members to recover damages from those responsible for the wrongful death of a loved one.

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Trucking Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving large trucks can be devastating. People injured, and the families of those killed, in trucking accidents can seek the assistance of a trucking accident lawyer to help them navigate these legal issues.

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Car Accident Lawyer

Each year, millions of car wrecks cause injury to passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers. A car accident lawyer can help people who have been injured in auto accidents caused by the fault of another driver.

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Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber and its drivers have a duty to provide a safe environment for their passengers, drivers, other commuters, and pedestrians. If an Uber driver fails to fulfill this duty, they, as well as the company, could be held liable in lawsuits for injuries that may result.

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