Updated Actos Risks Affect Arkansas Diabetes Patients

Actos Risks- ArkansasActos, a member of the thiazolidinedione class of medications, was initially approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1999. According to its manufacturers, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly, the drug was intended to help type 2 diabetes patients to control their blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production in the body. However, many Actos patients throughout the U.S. have allegedly suffered from adverse side effects and complications, including bladder cancer, cardiovascular problems, and injury to their eyes.

Actos Risks Updated by FDA

The FDA issued an announcement to the public in June 2011 after analyzing data from a 10-year study that looked at certain Actos risks. According to the FDA, the warning label on Actos would be updated to include the potential for the development of bladder cancer in patients who took the medication for more than one year.

The agency recommended that healthcare providers should avoid prescribing Actos to patients currently living with bladder cancer as well as to prescribe Actos with caution to those with a prior history of the condition or to patients who may be at an increased risk of the disease.

Actos Litigation News

In June 2014, Blue Cross Blue Shield took legal action against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, alleging that the insurance company was obligated to pay out medical claims for patients who were suffering from complications due to Actos. According to the lawsuit, had the manufacturer informed of the Actos risks, Blue Cross Blue Shield would not have had to pay out those claims. Additionally, in that same month, Takeda was found by a Louisiana federal judge to have destroyed evidence involving Actos risks and the potential for bladder cancer.

The first federal Actos bellwether trial concluded in April 2014 when a Louisiana jury returned a verdict against the drug’s manufacturers for $9 billion in punitive and compensatory damages. Court documents indicate that the companies were found to have been hiding evidence pertaining to Actos risks and the potential for bladder cancer.

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