Arkansas, Humid Climates More Susceptible to Airbag Recall?

Airbag defect lawyers note that law makers are questioning the action taken by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in response to reports of faulty airbags manufactured by the Takata Corporation, a Japanese company. The airbags, which are used in vehicles driven in Arkansas and other states, have been linked to four deaths and other injuries and are subject to a limited airbag recall.

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Recall Overviewairbag recall

Takata has reportedly provided approximately eight million airbags to more than ten different manufacturers throughout the world. Manufacturers who have the recalled airbags in their vehicles include:

  • BMW
  • General Motors
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Toyota

According to the NHTSA, the inflator mechanism within the recalled Takata airbag can rupture when the airbag deploys, sending metal and plastic fragments into the passenger compartment. A defective airbag lawyer in Arkansas has compared the fragments to shrapnel in describing what happens when the allegedly defective airbags deploy. There are no reports at this time regarding injuries due to the allegedly faulty airbags.

Climate May be a Factor in Airbag Recalls

Some have speculated that humidity makes the airbag problem worse, so the NHTSA is urging those in states such as Texas, Alabama, Arkansas and other areas where climates are generally hot and humid to take immediate action and avoid allowing passengers to sit in front seats until the reported issue is resolved. Takata claims the issue is not widespread and there is no need for a sweeping recall.

Certain lawmakers in Congress, however, are urging the NHTSA to require vehicle manufacturers to recall all models that use the Takata airbags. Some manufacturers have already taken this step, while others have chosen to only recall devices in cars registered in hot and humid climates, such as Arkansas. A problem with the limited approach, however, is that many retired individuals own vehicles registered in northern states where they spend the summer months, but use the vehicle while they are living in warmer states during the winter. While heat may not be a problem during the winter months in warmer states, humidity is still present and may trigger the airbag issues in a vehicle that would not be subject to recall under the limited airbag recall approach.

12 Million Vehicles Recalled; Possibly More to Come

Arkansas airbag defect lawyer note that while injuries and deaths linked to the Takata airbags are being investigated, more deaths and injuries may be identified as investigators look at other accidents in which the airbag deployed. At the present time, 12 million vehicles have been recalled and it is expected that as many as five million more could be included as the NHTSA continues to investigate the reported airbag issue.

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