Arkansas Rejuvenate Lawyers Blog About Stryker Recalls Affecting Arkansans

Hip replacement surgery has become popular in Arkansas and is credited with helping many people return to an active lifestyle. However, not everyone has benefited and some people have suffered severe complications that have limited their ability to move around. If you are someone who had their hip replaced using the Stryker Rejuvenate System, there are Arkansas Rejuvenate Lawyers who can help you.

What are Stryker Rejuvenate Systems?

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Stryker Rejuvenate Systems were used from 2008-09 in an attempt to change the way hip replacements were done for younger patients. A normal procedure is done using two manufactured parts to replicate the hip joint: a stem with a ball at the top and a new socket lining. Stryker Corporation presented a series of four part systems in 2008 to help younger patients potentially gain more mobility.

The Stryker system relied on four manufactured parts: Stem, neck, ball, and cup. This newer design was to allow for more flexibility while giving the wearer a better fitting replacement hip. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this new device based on a previous approval they made for another company that manufactured a similar product without making Stryker undergo the normal testing procedures before the device was implanted into people.

The Recall

The replacement parts wore down quickly causing high failure rates and complications for patients. Some of the Stryker Rejuvenate hips are failing within five years; lasting only a third as long as traditional hip replacement parts. The heightened incidences of failures led the Stryker Corporation to order a recall in June, 2012.

Health Problems

Patients who have had trouble with their implants have often had to have hip revision surgery to fix the problem. This procedure exposes a patient an increase risk of death that is over twice the rate of the original surgery. They are also exposed to risk of infection, deep vein thrombosis, myosistis ossification, necrosis, and other complications.

A patient can also suffer from metal poisoning as tiny fragments of metal from the replacement parts enters into their bloodstream. Metallosis, or metal poisoning, happens when the chromium and cobalt that covers the parts flake off as the parts rub together. This can cause severe pain that leads to difficulty walking, inflammation and swelling, and tumors. The nervous system can also be impacted as well as the heart and thyroid glands.

What can you do?

The high incidence of failure with the Stryker hip replacement parts has resulted in many patients bringing lawsuits against the Stryker Corporation to obtain damages for the pain and suffering they have been experiencing. The lawsuits are ongoing and growing throughout Arkansas and you can join in and potentially receive compensation for:

  • All your medical expenses for the original surgery and any hip revision surgeries that have occurred to try to correct the problem
  • Physical, emotional and/or mental pain you have experienced
  • Any loss of income due to being immobile and any potential income that could have been made in the future
  • Loss of being able to consort with other people and taking part in normal activities
  • Punitive damages since Stryker did not make sure the devices would work well once they were implanted inside a patient and could be considered negligent for not doing enough research on the product.

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