Arkansas Asbestos Lawyer

Arkansas Asbestos LawyerWhat is Asbestos? Could You Need an Arkansas Asbestos Lawyer?

Asbestos is composed of mineral fibers that are used to strengthen materials used in building construction and other products. It also provides a heat and fire resistant property that makes it widely popular across many industries including factory-made products, flooring, shipbuilding, home construction and commercial buildings. Its use was unregulated until the 1970’s when it was discovered to be the possible cause of several illnesses. This reduced the use of the product in many cases and it now has strict guidelines for its use and handling.

Federal guidelines have been developed for the use, handling and removal of asbestos. When the guidelines are not followed or asbestos is discovered in an area or building, there can be great risk of disease to those who may be exposed. Studies have shown that those working in industries where it is present can potentially develop lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma. These diseases, associated with levels of exposure, are often debilitating and can affect a victim’s ability to earn a living or to enjoy activities that would be considered necessary for quality of life, leading to lawsuits filed by Arkansas asbestos lawyers.

The danger is in inhaling the fibers. This scenario might occur in an industrial setting or in a case of removed or disturbed asbestos in a home or other building. Lung cancer and asbestosis, the scarring of the lungs, occur with high levels of prolonged exposure and may not show up for two or three decades after initial contact. Mesothelioma, a cancerous condition involving the abdominal cavity and the chest lining, may develop if smaller amounts of asbestos fibers are inhaled, drawing them into the lungs where they may remain long enough to become toxic. This is most likely to happen when materials containing asbestos have been sawed or scraped, resulting in a fine powder that can be breathed in.

Asbestos in the Home

It is possible that some older homes may contain asbestos in the walls, flooring, roofing or insulation. Real estate sales should divulge this information. Otherwise, an Arkansas asbestos lawyer may be able to help. The best strategy for older homes containing asbestos is to leave it alone and avoid disturbing it, according to federal guidelines. The danger of illness occurs when the material is damaged or otherwise disturbed. Making changes to an older home may require the services of a contractor who is familiar with the guidelines for proper handling and disposal of asbestos.

Exposed to Asbestos? Contact Attorney Group for Arkansas for Help

Whether on the job in an industrial setting, or in an older home, one should be aware of the potential dangers of asbestos exposure. If you feel your illness is due to asbestos exposure, and you were not properly made aware of the possible presence of asbestos, a consultation with an Arkansas asbestos lawyer may be able to help you understand your legal rights. If it is believed that an injury due to asbestos exposure has occurred, Attorney Group for Arkansas can help answer your questions. We work to help potential victims determine whether they have a case and connect them to an Arkansas asbestos lawyer who can help pursue proper compensation for damages, all at no out-of-pocket cost to the victim. Contact us today for a free consultation.