Arkansas Auto Accident Lawyers Discuss Texting-While-Driving Court Case

Arkansas Auto Accident AttorneysArkansas auto accident lawyers note a recent decision from a New Jersey appeals court ruling that a person who knowingly texts a driver of a car who then causes an accident while responding to the text.  Texting while driving is widely known to be a dangerous practice, and persons who cause accidents while texting and driving are often liable for personal injury that result from those accidents.  Some states even impose both punitive damages and criminal liability on such drivers.  However, the New Jersey appeals court decision is one of the first decisions to also impose liability on a person who knowingly texts a driver who then causes an accident.

As reported from the court case:

The teens were having a text chat, volleying each other messages every few moments. Seventeen seconds after Best sent a text, he was calling a 911 operator. His truck had drifted across the double center line and hit the Kuberts head-on. The scene Best described to the emergency operator was most certainly gruesome. “The collision severed, or nearly severed David’s left leg. It shattered Linda’s left leg, leaving her fractured thighbone protruding out of the skin as she lay injured in the road,” the court document said. Best hung up. Colonna texted him two more times.

While surprising, the court reasoned in its ruling that if the sender of the text knew or had reason to know that the recipient would view the text while driving, and thus be distracted, the sender could be held liable in the same manner as a passenger in the car who intentionally distracted the driver who then caused an accident.

If you have been injured in an car accident caused by the fault of another person, including a person who was texting while driving, it is important for you to contact an Arkansas auto accident lawyer in order to learn what type of compensation is available to you, as well as the sources from whom you can obtain that compensation.  Experienced auto accident lawyers stay informed of developments in the law, such as the recent New Jersey appeals court decision, in order to help you maximize the compensation you deserve for your injuries, including:

·  Medical Expenses

·  Lost Wages

·  Pain and Suffering; and

·  Loss of Ability to Work in the Future

Often, persons responsible for causing auto accidents have insurance that covers their liability to you for your damages.  However, insurance companies understand that if a lawyer does not represent you, they can usually pay you far less for your injuries than you would otherwise receive.  For this reason, you should contact an experienced Arkansas auto accident lawyer as soon as possible after an accident so that you can protect your legal rights when dealing with insurance companies.

Experienced Arkansas auto accident lawyers will not charge you any up front fees or costs, as their fee is based on the amount of compensation that they obtain on your behalf.  If a driver who was texting, or who was otherwise responsible for your accident, has injured you, contact Attorney Group for Arkansas today for a free consultation.