Arkansas DePuy ASR Hip Recall Lawyers & Hip Replacement Lawsuits

DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has recently undergone a hip replacement surgery, it is very important to look into the recent DePuy ASR hip recall and find an Arkansas DePuy Hip Recall Lawyer now. If you do not know exactly the kind of equipment used during the hip replacement surgery it is necessary to contact your doctor or primary physician, in order to see the exact model used in the hip surgery and find out if it is necessary to follow up on the hip recall. If you have problems finding out the type of hip you have, contact an Arkansas DePuy ASR Hip Recall Lawyer today and we can find out exactly what type of hip you have and if it is a recalled DePuy ASR, our Arkansas DePuy recall attorneys can represent you and assist you every step of the way. Call now for more important information or fill out the firm and an Arkansas DePuy ASR hip recall lawyer will call you immediately.

The DePuy ASR, short for Articular Surface Replacement, a total hip replacement product, grew in popularity throughout the previous decade, however DePuy Orthopaedics began recalling the product in August of 2010, as it found data showing more and more individuals were experiencing pain and other serious side effects because of the hip replacement equipment.

Due to the increased discomfort and pain caused by the DePuy ASR, it is necessary for many individuals to actually undergo a second hip replacement in order to correct the initial issue associated with the hardware. This has caused thousands of lawsuits to be filed against the company, which is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, not only because of the pain the hip replacement causes, but also due to the debilitating side effect that cause the individual to almost completely stay bed ridden, or at least be confined to the services of a wheel chair, when the hip replacement is designed to improve mobility, not reduce it. Any Arkansas resident that has a DePuy ASR needs to find an Arkansas attorney today. Because it was recalled in 2010, many DePuy ASR hip replacement patients could be running out of time for legal action. Call anArkansas DePuy ASR Hip Recall Lawyer now before it is too late.

Currently, data for the National Joint Registry of England and Whales shows that within a five year span of undergoing the surgery, 12 percent of all patients with the resurfacing device and 13 percent of patients with the complete hip replacement required a second hip replacement surgery, forcing the patient to undergo the recuperating and healing process all over again. Due to this, individuals who have received a DePuy ASR hip replacement, such as yourself or your loved one, might be entitled to compensation for current and future health issues.

The DePuy ASR hip replacement equipment has been in use since July 2003 and over 93,000 different patients internally have received the replacement. Some of the problems currently in issue with the hip replacement system is a loose ASR cup, cobalt or chromium poisoning from the installed equipment, allergic reaction from metallic debris in the body and pseydotumors, which is soft tissue masses that form due to a reaction of excessive metallic debris around the point of surgery.

If you or someone else you know received the ASR hip resurfacing system or the DePuy ASR system for a hip replacement surgery, it is possible that you may have received a phone call form Johnson and Johnson or DePuy Orthopaedics in recent months, regarding the recall. Should this happen, it is in your best interest to seek out legal counsel before seeing one of the company’s appointed doctor’s or signing any sort of paperwork. Doing this might give away your rights for compensation, leaving you to not only deal with the pain and suffering stemmed from from the hip replacement, but also having to pay for a second surgery to correct the issue. The companies might try to offer up some compensation, but chances are this is not going to cover all medical expenses, blood tests and recommended treatment. This is why it is so important to stay up to date on the hip replacement recall and why you should seek professional, legal consultation today. Call ourArkansas DePuy ASR Hip Recall Lawyers now for more important information.