Arkansas GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys Shed Light on Danger

Arkansas GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

It’s not easy to hear your doctor tell you that you need kidney dialysis. However, most patients are comforted by the fact that their doctor wants to help them and has their well-being at heart. That is why it can be especially devastating to suffer serious side effects from kidney dialysis that your doctor never mentioned. The Arkansas GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys at Attorney Group for Arkansas understand that your health is your most valuable asset and no one has the right to threaten it in the name of profit.

Unfortunately, this has happened to thousands of people who trusted their doctor and kidney dialysis center to treat their kidney disease. Instead, they were given GranuFlo, a drug used in dialysis to reduce toxins and acid in the blood. Some patients have died as a result and others have suffered serious health consequences. Arkansas GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys want to ensure that you know your rights.

GranuFlo Tied to Serious Health Issues

arkansas granuflo lawsuit attorneysThe drug GranuFlo was manufactured by Fresenius and distributed to approximately one-third of the kidney dialysis centers in the United States. Patients immediately began complaining that the drug caused levels of bicarbonate in their bodies that was too high. Too much bicarbonate can cause heart attacks and other serious problems.

Fresenius only notified the centers it owned when it received reports of deaths and serious side effects. Other dialysis centers received no such warning, which left more than 125,000 patients in danger. This is unacceptable to Arkansas GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys. If you have been injured or a loved one has died after taking GranuFlo, we are here to help.

FDA Recall

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally recalled GranuFlo in June 2012 after receiving reports linking it to the following side effects:

  • Increased levels of bicarbonate and carbon dioxide in the blood.
  • Lowered levels of oxygen in the blood.
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Dangerously low blood sugar

In addition to these troubling issues, GranuFlo has also been implicated in the sudden deaths of hundreds of patients. Thus, the need for Arkansas GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys has arisen.

Fresenius Delayed Notification After FDA Recall

After the FDA recall of GranuFlo, Fresenius was required to notify all dialysis clinics of the drug’s association with heart attacks and other serious health concerns. It was not required to recover all of its products already on the market. The process of notifying dialysis clinics took so long that many clinics continued to use it after it had been officially recalled. This was due to not having another product to lower acid in the blood on hand. Many more patients became sick or died due to this unacceptable delay.

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You have suffered a terrible injustice at the hands of a greedy drug manufacturer that put its own profits ahead of your health. Our affiliated Arkansas GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys want to help you recover the compensation you deserve. The only way to make sure this never happens again to another patient is to hold Fresenius responsible for its wrongdoing.

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