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Arkansas Insurance Claims Attorneys

With many people still digging out after powerful storms struck Arkansas during the last few days of May, residents must now deal with insurance claims through companies that may be slow in responding to customer needs. In some cases, insurance customers lost homes, vehicles and personal items, many of which can never be replaced. For those whose insurance companies who have been slow to respond, it may be time to contact Arkansas insurance claims attorneys.

Need for Insurance Claims

arkansas insurance claims attorneysNo one ever wants to file an insurance claim, especially due to a national disaster that may have taken everything they own. Insurance companies, though many are quick to respond, often drag their feet paying claims, acting unethically or in bad faith. For customers of those companies, Arkansas insurance claims attorneys fights for the customer’s rights and forces the insurance company to resolve claims in a timely manner.

Arkansas Storms

In May 2013, flash flooding and tornadoes killed three people as storms swept through Arkansas. The storms brought torrential rain as the storms rolled across the state. One victim, a local sheriff, drowned while checking on residents whose home was swamped by flood waters. Tornadoes touched down in both Clark and Montgomery County, where trees, homes and power lines were damaged. With massive injuries, death and property destruction, people rely on their homeowner, auto and life insurance to ease the financial burden as they attempt to rebuild. When the insurance company is not forthcoming quickly, the best option is to contact Arkansas insurance claims attorneys.

What Arkansas Insurance Claims Attorneys Can Do


Arkansas insurance claims attorneys can guide those suffering after natural disasters through the process of an insurance claim, offering advice on coverage, structures, damages and mold. Arkansas insurance claims attorneys can also offer advice on bad faith actions of insurance companies and incidences of underpayment or low offers of settlement. The fact is that insurance companies actually employ people whose main job is to pay you as little as they possibly can. They use tactics such as undervaluing property, delaying claims or completely denying a valid claim. With Arkansas insurance claims attorneys, those suffering after natural disasters are able to begin rebuilding their lives and managing the financial trauma that often follows these disasters.

Experience Fighting Back

Many insurance company clients have no idea how to fight back against an insurance company, and often they settle claims for far less than they are entitled to receive. Arkansas insurance claims attorneys can get those suffering after any disaster the financial assistance they need to start rebuilding lives and begin to recover from devastating fires, floods, and natural disasters. Some claims simply require money to make repairs to homes damaged by wind or hail, while others need financial assistance to begin completely rebuilding a home or replacing the family vehicle.

Lack of Employment

Another factor that many overlook after a natural disaster is that tornadoes, floods and hail also destroy businesses. This means that people cannot work, leading to no income in the household, causing further stress and concern. Arkansas insurance claims attorneys can guide those suffering through the maze of claims, and resolve the financial stress or strain quickly as they force the insurance companies to work with customers.

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Arkansas insurance claims attorneys let those suffering after great losses, including fire, flood, hail, or wind damage know that they are not alone in fighting big, multi-million dollar insurance companies. They offer a compassionate shoulder, but more importantly, expertise and knowledge that can stop the bullying, bring resolution, and help those who have suffered from tragedy begin to rebuild their lives and get the satisfaction they deserve. Contact Attorney Group for Arkansas today.