Arkansas Janumet Lawsuit Attorneys Assist Those Affected

Arkansas Janumet Lawsuit Attorneys

arkansas janumet lawsuit attorneysArkansas Janument lawsuit attorneys can provide advice, expertise and represent you if you or a loved one have suffered from side effects after using Janumet to treat your high blood sugar levels. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have found that Janumet, and a similar drug, Januvia, can lead to swelling of the pancreas.

History of Janumet

According to Arkansas Janumet Lawsuit attorneys, the FDA first approved Janumet on March 30, 2007 for use in treating adult patients diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Melitus. The generic name for the drug is sitagliptin metformin, and is distributed by Merck & Company. It is an oral medication, normally taken one time each day.

How Does Janumet Work?

For patients with Type 2 Diabetes, the pancreas makes too little insulin, while the liver makes too much sugar. Muscle cells, which absorb blood sugar to use for energy, are sensitive to insulin. High insulin levels make the muscles less able to absorb sugar, and blood sugar levels increase. When this happens, your body instructs your pancreas to lower blood sugar by releasing more insulin. In addition, the pancreas attempts to stop the liver from releasing as much sugar. Janumet was designed to help the pancreas release more insulin and the liver make less sugar. However, according to Arkansas Janumet lawsuit attorneys, the drug can cause serious side effects that have even led to death. Therefore, if you have taken Janumet and suffered, you need to contact Arkansas Janumet lawsuit attorneys to learn your rights.

Dangers of Janumet

According to Arkansas Janumet lawsuit attorneys and the FDA, there have been links between Janumet use and a dangerous swelling of the pancreas. According to the FDA, many cases of acute pancreatitis have been reported, with several people requiring hospitalization that included treatment in the intensive care unit. However, on March 14, 2013, the FDA also reported an increased risk of pancreatic cancer in patients using the drug as well. Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease, with a one-year survival rate of 20 percent and a five-year survival rate of only 4 percent. This finding by the FDA has prompted many Arkansas Janumet lawsuit attorneys to assist patients who may develop the disease after taking Janumet.

Merck’s Response

The FDA notified Merck as far back as 2012 that they had failed to comply with reporting dates for an investigation into the safety of Janumet. In addition, an endocrinologist at UCLA claims he notified Merck in 2008 after studying diabetic rats treated by Januvia and finding that they had an increased risk of pancreatic cancer. Merck did not notify doctors of this risk when they promoted Janumet for their patients, according to Arkansas Janumet lawsuit attorneys. In fact, Merck did not include any warnings related to pancreas issues on the label until required to do so by the FDA, leading many to believe they were aware of the potential cancer problem, yet ignored to protect consumers. Those consumers who used the drug are now at risk for developing pancreatic cancer and should contact Arkansas Janumet lawsuit attorneys.

You Are Not Alone

Because pancreatic cancer has a very high mortality rate, any patient who has taken Janumet to treat diabetes should contact Arkansas Janumet lawsuit attorneys to learn what rights they have should they develop this disease. For those patients who have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer, or families whose loved one died of pancreatic problems after taking Janumet, should contact Arkansas Janumet lawsuit attorneys as they may be eligible for compensation due to Merck & Co.’s negligence regarding this drug.