Arkansas Lipitor Lawsuits

Arkansas Lipitor LawsuitsLipitor is a medication in the statin category that is widely prescribed for lowering cholesterol levels. However, a number of side effects have been reported for this medication. One of the most alarming of the side effects was that increased rates of diabetes in women taking the drug. This result has led to a number of Arkansas Lipitor lawsuits regarding this powerful medication. Attorneys are involved in educating and consulting with patients regarding this issue.

About Lipitor

Lipitor is the Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company brand name of a statin medication called atorvastatin. Statins were introduced to the public in 1996 for people with elevated cholesterol levels, a condition associated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease. Because the drug is so effective in lowering cholesterol levels, it was often prescribed on a routine basis to people who could not lower cholesterol levels by diet alone. However, over the years of its use, many people have reported side effects of various kinds with statin drugs. Today, a number of Arkansas Lipitor lawsuits have been filed concerning injuries from this drug.

Side Effect Problems

The manufacturer of Lipitor acknowledges a number of side effects in users. These side effects may include muscle problems, such as weakness, tenderness or unexpected pain that appears to have no cause. Lipitor is also known to cause liver problem, and so patients are advised to have regular blood tests to ensure that other problems do not develop. Signs of liver involvement include tiredness, weakness, dark-colored urine, pain in the upper abdomen or a yellow color of the skin or eyes. Common side effects also include joint pain, upset stomach, diarrhea or mental confusion. Lipitor can also interact with other types of medication for heart disease, birth control medications or immune system medications. Arkansas Lipitor lawsuits have been filed to determine if the drug has been involved in serious injury to patients. Many attorneys are educating themselves on the dangers of this common medication.

Lipitor and Diabetes in Women

Since Lipitor’s introduction to the public, physicians began to notice an expected side effect not named in the pharmaceutical information. A number of women began to experience high blood sugar levels associated with Type 2 diabetes. Alarmed at this development, further study was done on the popular medication. A University of Massachusetts Medical School study was done over 7 years. It showed that women over the age of 63 had a 50 percent increase in the development of Type 2 diabetes. Currently, attorneys do not know the number of women who have developed this serious health condition after taking the drug known as Lipitor. However, the frequency of Arkansas Lipitor lawsuits is increasing as women learn of this dangerous side effect.

Attorneys and Your Rights Under the Law

If you are a woman who has taken Lipitor for a period of time and have developed Type 2 diabetes, you should consult with a lawyer about the current status of Arkansas Lipitor lawsuits. A number of Arkansas Lipitor lawsuits have been filed by attorneys whose clients believe they have been injured by this powerful medication. Attorney Group for Arkansas can help to determine of you are eligible for compensation for additional medical costs or loss of wages caused by the development of diabetes from taking Lipitor. Attorneys are available for a consultation today to determine your rights under the law. So contact Attorney Group for Arkansas today for your free consultation.