Arkansas Metal on Metal Hip Replacements On the Rise

In recent years, Arkansas metal on metal hip replacement attorneys have had no shortage of lawsuits to manage. Approximately 83,000 of the 250,000 hip implants performed in the United States were done using some kind of metal on metal system. These implants were designed in an effort to create a kind of implant that would last a lifetime. A few, however, fell many, many years short.

The Problems

Many medical device manufacturers have voluntary recalled their Arkansas metal on metal hip implant systems because they are degrading faster than expected. Friction caused by the metal components rubbing together is causing corrosion. This corrosion presents a variety of issues, including osteolysis, deterioration of soft-tissue, severe pain, and swelling of the hip. Along with these complications, it’s not uncommon for patients to get metal toxicity (metallosis) from metal debris seeping into the bloodstream. Metal toxicity has many symptoms, such as infections, dizziness, headaches, emotional problems, confusion, problems with the nervous system, and complications with the gastrointestinal system. If cobalt poisoning comes about, patients can experience hypothyroidism, rashes, tremors, cardiomyopathy, and problems with sight, hearing, and cognition.

The Damaging Effects on Patients

Arkansas metal on metal hipThese implant systems were supposed to last for at least fifteen years, but many individuals are having to acquire revision surgery less than a year after receiving the initial implant. A few of these recalled hips include the DePuy ASR hip, the Stryker Rejuvenate hip, and the Biomet M2A hip replacement systems. Lawyers with Attorney Group for Arkansas can represent eligible victims of these and other defective implants. Because of the metal debris involved with the defective implants, revision surgery can be more complicated than it is normally. Even after revision surgery is completed, some patients will still have to live with issues brought about by their initial implant. The exact figures aren’t known, but it is believed that 1-3% of Arkansas metal on metal hip implant systems will cause complications. Because of this, orthopedic surgeons have all but completely stopped using these systems and are instead opting to utilize implants made with other materials.

The Lawsuits

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed thus far, but only two cases have been settled. One case involved a retired Los Angeles prison guard who began experiencing complications from his metal on metal hip implant. He found a good lawyer and was able to get $8.3 million in compensation from the medical device manufacturer that created his implant.

The other case was filed by an Illinois woman who chose to sue the creator of her implant. Unfortunately, a Chicago grand jury did not side with her and decided that the implant manufacturer made no fault in the way they marketed the device. The aforementioned trials are known as bellwether trials. Arkansas metal on metal hip replacement attorneys and their clients are eagerly watching these cases because they will determine how future cases are handled. Bellwether trials are useful in this situation because it allows a firm to settle many cases at once.

If you or a loved one is a resident of Arkansas dealing with complications brought about by an Arkansas metal on metal hip implant, it’s vital to speak with Arkansas metal on metal hip replacement attorneys before your statue of limitations runs out. The allotted time to file a lawsuit varies from state to state, and failure to take action quickly enough can result in not receiving compensation at all.

Contact Arkansas Metal on Metal Hip Attorneys

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