Interested in Filing Arkansas Nexplanon Lawsuits?

Arkansas Nexplanon Lawsuits

Nexplanon has resulted in a nightmare of Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuits, and that number is on the rise. While this product was created with the best of intentions to provide women with an effective contraceptive, the results have been disastrous for many consumers. Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuits seek restitution for the emotional and physical damages that have been incurred due to a faulty product.

What is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is an alternative for birth control. Like many contraceptives, it releases etonogestrel, a synthetic form of progestin to effectively reduce the chance of pregnancy. The walls of the uterus thicken and ovulation is inhibited as well. It varies from other products in that Nexplanon is an implant. It is made of a soft, flexible material which is inserted in the doctor’s office on the inside of the upper arm. The Nexplanon implant is compact at only 2mm in diameter and 4cm in length. Nexplanon is supposed to be an inviting option for women who are looking for convenience and reliability. There is no need to remember to take a pill on a daily basis. Once the Nexplanon implant is inserted, a woman is protected for up to a period of three years. At that point, she could have a new device inserted. The Nexplanon implant can be removed at any time, should a woman wish to try to conceive. Because of the ease of use, many women opted for this method of birth control. However, there have been serious, health consequences and the implant has been the subject of a host of Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuits.

What’s the Problem with Nexplanon?

Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuits have occurred due to serious complications from this contraceptive. While there are numerous risks, including breakage of the implant inside the arm, loss of the device in the body and the need for surgery to retrieve it, damage to nerves, blood vessels, or tissues, pregnancy when the device is ineffective, and complications with other underlying conditions, an increased risk of blood clots is the most serious cause for alarm. Recent research has revealed that the Nexplanon device can increase the risk of blood clots by 40%. Blood clots are a major health concern. Not only can they damage the blood vessels where they originate, they can migrate to other parts of the body. A host of life-threatening problems can result, such as organ damage, heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, and even death. Women who have been subject to the pitfalls of Nexplanon have sought legal action, resulting in many Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuits.

What Went Wrong with Nexplanon?

Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuitsA combination of the device itself, its insertion in the body, and increased levels of hormones in the body appear to be to blame for the increased risk of blood clots for women who have used Nexplanon. Women who have health conditions, such as diabetes, heart problems, breast cancer, liver disease, or are prone to blood clots, are in a higher risk bracket, taking great chances with their health when using this product. Any woman who has endured physical and mental pain due to Nexplanon, Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuits are possible solutions. Women experiencing any problem need to listen to their bodies. Nexplanon could be to blame.

What Should Victims of Nexplanon Do?

For any woman who has been adversely affected by Nexplanon, Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuits could be the answer. While the damage may already be done, women should receive just compensation for time missed from work, medical bills, and their pain and suffering. Contact Attorney Group for Arkansas to discuss in a free consultation whether or not Arkansas Nexplanon lawsuits are right for you.