Arkansas On the Job and Workplace Accident Information

On the job and workplace accidents are common in Arkansas. If you have been hurt at your job, whether on a construction job site, at a factory, or other place where you work, and your injuries cause you to be unable to return to work for a long period of time, or perhaps permanently, you must consider all means of financial support. An Arkansas on the job accident attorney can help you know all of your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve.

While workers’ compensation benefits can be helpful, all too often injured workers and their families find that they are not nearly sufficient to prevent financial hardship. If you are permanently unable to return to your job, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may help, as well, but they may only lessen the financial hardship of you and your family. Additionally, the process for claiming these benefits can be confusing. An experienced Arkansas workplace injury attorney can help you recover workers’ compensation and Social Security disability benefits.

You May be Entitled to More Than Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workplace Accident

Considering that workers’ compensation and Social Security benefits often do not fully compensate a worker who suffers an on the job injury in Arkansas, you should also know that many serious, injury-causing on the job accidents justify a lawsuit against a party other than the injured worker’s employer. Property owners, general contractors, and manufacturers of industrial equipment can be held responsible to on the job and workplace accidents. Examples of the types of Arkansas on the job accidents where parties other than the employer may be liable include:

These workplace and on the job accidents can cause many different types of injuries, including back injuries, fractures and joint injuries, severe burns, amputations, brain damage and spinal injuries. If you have been injured in an Arkansas on the job accident, it is essential that you speak to an Arkansas on the job accident attorney today.