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What is Pradaxa?Arkansas Pradaxa Lawyer

Pradaxa is a form of heart medication that is used in several applications. It is a blood thinner that can be used to prevent strokes or other types of systemic problems. A doctor may prescribe Pradaxa if you have an irregular heartbeat. Your irregular heartbeat can be a minor problem, or this type of irregularity can cause other more severe systemic problems. These systemic issues can include a stroke, and this blood thinner is prescribed as a preventive therapy.

There can be complications or problems that occur after you take certain medications. Pradaxa has side effects that include the following:

  • The most alarming side effect for this medication is a medical complication that may result in systemic damage that eventually causes death.
  • Bleeding can occur, and the type of bleeding caused may be internal. Thin blood has a tendency to not coagulate easily or quickly, and a blood thinner can add to any severe bleeding.
  • Pradaxa does not have an antidote currently. This may mean that the blood thinning element of this medication is hard to reverse with another type of drug.
  • The anti coagulation effects of Pradaxa are not measured currently. This says that your bleeding may persist without any current or significant information about this type of medical event.

Who is Affected by Pradaxa

You may receive this type of prescription from your heart doctor because you have a history of heart surgery or a history of irregular heartbeat. This medication administration does not require that your doctor administer frequent blood tests for international standards of ratio monitoring. This medication may be indicated for patients who are not able to regularly visit a doctor or may not live in a populated area close to available medical services. The effects of this blood thinner appear to be as effective as other types of heart medication. A major bleeding event can cause further complications because of the lack of recent study about this medication, however. There seems to be a certain lack of follow up about this heart medication that any patient should be aware of.

There are certain symptoms that occur that you should be aware of. You should seek medical assistance if you experience any of the following medical problems after taking Pradaxa:

  • Any bleeding that will not stop should be taken to a doctor or emergency room.
  • Any feelings of weakness or indications that you may pass out should be treated by a medical professional.
  • Other types of bleeding are not normal. Easy bruising is a sign of internal bleeding and should be taken to a medical professional or emergency room.
  • Joint pain and swelling may be significant symptoms that have other more damaging origins and should be examined by a medical professional.
  • Extended nausea or a skin rash may be indications of other damaging problems and should be examined.

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