Arkansas Railroad Crossing Accident Attorney Information

Arkansas Railroad crossing AccidentArkansas Railroad Crossing Accident Information is important for victims of a train accident to obtain as soon after the incident as possible. Arkansas car-train collisions, commonly known as railroad crossing accidents, almost always result in death or catastrophic injuries, and typically raise questions of why the victim didn’t see or hear the train coming. A sophisticated and thorough investigation by an Arkansas car-train collision attorney is almost always needed to determine the cause of the accident.

While the National Transportation Safety Board conducts an investigation of all car-train crashes, including those in Arkansas, it is important for a parallel inquiry to be conducted at the direction of an Arkansas crossing accident attorney on behalf of someone injured or killed in a crossing accident in order to establish liability of the railroad or third parties responsible for maintenance of crossings. Common bases of fault in crossing accident cases include negligence as a result of:

  • Non-functioning crossing arms or flashing lights
  • Failure to activate the signal or blow the horn
  • Train crew fatigue or intoxication
  • Speeding trains
  • Bad viewing angles at skewed (non-perpendicular) crossings
  • Line of sight obstructions, such as overgrown foliage
  • Uncontrolled crossings where previous accidents have occurred

As with most accident cases, the responsible party (usually the railroad company) or the victim’s auto insurer will often take steps, including independent investigations, to minimize compensation owed. If your loved one was injured or killed in an Arkansas railroad crossing accident, it is important that you contact an Arkansas crossing accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your legal rights are protected.