Guidance Given by Arkansas Trucking Accident Attorneys

Arkansas Trucking Accident Attorneys Provide Direction

One of the more unpleasant experiences in life is a traffic collision, and the event is ten times worse if the other vehicle is five times your size. Filing a claim in connection with such an accident can be equally frustrating, especially if the guilty party is a trucking firm. Anyone in Arkansas who has been the victim of a semi-truck accident and who needs legal representation should consider seeking it in the Arkansas trucking accident attorneys affiliated with the American Injury Attorney Group.

Where to Begin

Arkansas trucking accident attorneysA impact between an 18-wheeler and a passenger car represents a much greater hazard to the smaller vehicle and its occupants than the average accident, and this can, in turn, make such a mishap far more costly. Insurance companies have the responsibility of paying for injuries and the repair or replacement of property, but coverage is often not enough to compensate for all of the damage that has been inflicted. In Arkansas, collision insurance on vehicles is optional, and a driver who does not have such coverage may be out of luck if his or her vehicle is totaled. It is under these circumstances that Arkansas trucking accident attorneys can be helpful in seeking the monetary compensation that the victims of such accidents deserve.

Compensatory damages can be sought by the plaintiff for the purpose of covering the direct economic costs of an accident, including medical bills, and to make amends for any related pain and suffering. The filing of a claim is generally the same no matter the type of vehicle, but the process can be more complicated when the case involves a semi-truck accident. Commercial trucks may be owned and operated by several entities, and each must be identified in order to determine where the responsibility lies. The job of determining blameworthiness can be taken off of your shoulders and placed in the hands of professional Arkansas trucking accident attorneys, should you seek out their legal counsel.

Finding Fault


Arkansas trucking accident attorneys know that truck drivers are often independent contractors and may either own their vehicles or lease them from other companies. In cases where a motorist is struck by an independent rig, the legal action will be taken directly against the truck driver himself. Litigation would be handled differently in a case where the driver was employed by a trucking firm, especially when considering that employers are generally liable for the actions of their workers. Litigation directed against a company rather than a driver may guarantee a larger settlement for the simple reason that a jury may show more sympathy towards a remorseful individual than a large business.

There may be other parties involved in a trucking operation, all of which can be at least partly liable for damages in the aftermath of an accident. A company that hires an independent trucker to transport its goods might have some legal authority over the actions of the driver, depending upon the contractual agreement. In an accident that resulted from some mechanical failure or defect in the truck, the individual or firm responsible for maintaining the vehicle may be legally responsible.

Working to Your Advantage

It’s also important to know how the accident occurred. A police report can be particularly useful in tilting a jury, and so can knowledge of federal and state laws. Such knowledge is readily available with Arkansas trucking accident attorneys on your case. Federal laws govern such issues as the time a truck driver can be on duty, but there are also many state laws that regulate certain aspects of the industry, including a requirement in Arkansas for large rigs to be equipped with trailer brakes. A violation of any of these regulations by a truck driver involved in an accident can greatly enhance the plaintiff’s claim.

You Are Not Alone

It takes experienced Arkansas trucking accident attorneys to understand the many aspects of trucking accident law, which is why a free consultation with one of American Injury Attorney Group’s affiliated Arkansas trucking accident lawyers is the wise course of action for anyone in Arkansas who is the victim of a semi-truck accident. Do not hesitate; contact our office today.