Biomet Settlement Affects Arkansas Patients

Arkansas- Biomet SettlementThe Biomet settlement progress continues as Biomet MDL submitted a joint status report to the judge in US District Court for the Northern District of Indiana. The joint status report was in reference to a lawsuit filed as a class action by patients injured due to their M2A or M2a 38 Magnum hip implants. The settlement affects patients in Arkansas and other states who had to undergo hip revision surgery within 180 days of the original procedure. The settlement does not block those who have the implants but have not been required to have revision surgery.

Joint Status Report Regarding Biomet Settlement

The joint status report in the Biomet settlement identifies two groups who may take part in the negotiations. The first, consisting of 513 patients, completed all discovery actions prior to December 31, 2013. The second, consisting of 972 patients completed fact sheets between January 1 through June 13, 2014. Should all parties agree to the terms of the Biomet settlement, eligible plaintiffs would receive $200,000 as the base award. The exact amount will vary by plaintiff depending on the type of implant, the date it was implanted and the time between the original and the revision surgery. In addition, the first group of plaintiffs are undergoing a mediation process that may allow them to receive enhanced compensation as a result of their injuries. Once the settlement and mediation process are completed, the judge will establish a qualified settlement fund and appoint a fund administrator to oversee the compensation.

Why Are There Biomet Lawsuits?

In the Biomet M2a and M2a 38 Magnum hip implants, the modular head and metal cup components rub against each other during normal movement. This can cause erosion and metal fragments to be released into the hip cavity while some patients suffer from metal fragments released into the bloodstream. The fragments which can be between one and two centimeters in size, can travel to other parts of the body. The metal components have also led to bone and tissue damage at the hip joint which have led some patients to suffer permanent disability. This has led many patients in Arkansas and other states to file personal injury lawsuits.

Arkansas Lawsuit

An Arkansas woman filed a lawsuit against Biomet related to the failure of her metal-on-metal hip implant manufactured by Biomet. In 2003, she underwent total right hip anthroplasty and her surgeon implanted a Biomet M2a model hip replacement device. The goal was for her to have a totally functioning hip with no pain. In July 2011, she underwent additional hip surgery where her physician found marked erosion, a fracture and tissue damage when the device failed. As a result of the device failure, the Arkansas woman suffers constant pain, loss of mobility of her right leg and hip and permanent disability. According to lawsuit documents, she walks with a severe limp.

Have You Suffered From a Biomet Hip Implant?

If you or a loved one has suffered injury after the implantation of a hip replacement device, such as device failure, chronic pain or metal poisoning, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim, especially if you were required to undergo revision surgery soon after the initial implant as part of the Biomet settlement. If a loved one has died of complications related to a hip replacement device, a wrongful death claim may be in order. Contact Attorney Group for Arkansas to learn whether you are able to pursue a claim. We can help answer your questions, and connect you with an affiliated attorney who can assist you throughout the legal process. Contact us today to learn more in a free consultation.