Why Should You Consider an Arkansas Airplane Accident Lawyer After a Crash?

Arkansas Airplane Accident LawyerWhy an Arkansas Airplane Accident Lawyer?

Flying is one of the safest ways to travel, but unfortunate accidents can and do happen. Negligence can often play a role in these events, and victims of airplane accidents and their loved ones often have a right to compensation for their losses. For residents of the Natural State involved in plane crashes or other accidents, an Arkansas airplane accident lawyer can help protect their rights and seek compensation for damages they have had to suffer.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there were more than 1,400 general aviation accidents in 2012, 271 of which involved fatalities. More than 400 people died in general aviation accidents in 2012.

While statistically and proportionally speaking, air travel is safer than automotive and other forms of transportation, when airplane accidents do occur, they are often more severe and can sometimes cause more injuries and deaths in a single event than a car crash or motorcycle accident. A death or catastrophic injury in an airplane accident is not just emotionally devastating for victims’ families, it can also have severe economic consequences.

Many parties may potentially be responsible for an airplane accident, including the airplane pilot and crew, equipment manufacturers, maintenance crew, airport staff etc. An Arkansas airplane accident lawyer can help clients determine who is considered responsible in an airplane accident, and pursue compensation.

Airplane accidents also have a variety of causes. According to 24/7 Wall St., the nine most common airplane accidents are:

  • Tail strikes
  • Accidents caused by laser pointers
  • Engine trouble
  • Taxiing accidents
  • Injuries caused by leaks or odors
  • Decompression
  • Bird strikes
  • Landing gear problems
  • Turbulence

Attorneys affiliated with Attorney Group for Arkansas can help clients understand their legal rights in their particular situation and determine whether negligence or other actionable claims contributed to the unfortunate event, whether it’s an accident resulting from landing gear failure, bird strikes or engine trouble. Having an experienced Arkansas airplane accident lawyer review your case is important, as they can help you understand and seek the appropriate compensation for your unique situation.

One of the most notable Arkansas lawsuits regarding a plane crash involved American Airlines Flight 1420. This 1999 flight from Fort Worth to Little Rock crashed when the plane overshot the runway on landing. The pilot and 10 passengers were killed. About 105 patients suffered minor to severe injuries. Lawsuits by passengers were consolidated into a single federal suit. Among the allegations were claims that the plaintiffs made were that the pilot erred in trying to land in inclement conditions, the airplane crew was fatigued and related claims. Ultimately, the court made awards of $ 5.7 million, $ 3.4 million and $ 4.2 million. The captain’s family won a $2 million award in a case against the airport. The suit claimed that the airport did not comply with airport safety standards.

While past outcomes do not guarantee any future results, this case is an example of why it is important to seek legal help from an Arkansas airplane accident lawyer.

Laws can be quite complex when it comes to litigating airplane accidents. Various state and federal laws may apply differently depending on the different circumstances in each unique case. That is why contacting an experienced Arkansas airplane accident lawyer is so important if you or a loved one is the victim of an airplane crash or other accident in Arkansas.

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